Hustler Trailed Unrolla Bale Feeders


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Trailed double bale feeder.

Suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage, silage, hay or straw. With a unique chassis design protects the vital components, patented Total Control self-loading system and the toughest chain/floor set up on the market. Designed for medium to large operations feeding out thousands of bales each year, The Trailed Bale Unrollers have covered driveshafts to eliminate wrapping and a stronger rear loading system design that is built extremely tough to go the distance.


40x40mm Galvanised boxed section feedbars (4/5 times more torsional
strength than angle iron)

12,000 lb roller chain – strongest on the market

Covered drive shafts eliminate feed wrapping

All shafts run on double sealed self-aligning bearings for longer service live,
less maintenance, and longer greasing intervals

Adjustable axle width enables superb stability. 60×6 axles are biggest on the

String & Twine box fitted as standard

Chassis protects feeding cradle from impacts with ground

Without sequence valves the fully mechanical action of our TCL is safest,
fastest loading system and is now quieter.

  • Doesn’t matter which way the bale goes on
  • Weight transfer is along the bars and through the rollers onto the track in comparison to link chain – straining at every link
  • 40mmø rollers which travel 130mm each revolution are very slow wearing (A 30mmø roller travels only 95mm meaning it is working harder)
  • Impossible for chain to jump off the bis-alloy sprockets and are covered for safety
  • Zinc coated
  • Tensioner plates fitted
  • BARS
  • Bolted onto the chain is far stronger than welding and easily replaceable
  • For different bale types blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available
  • Galvanised
  • Shark teeth release the feed off the taper at the correct point
  • 6mm for extra strength
  • Tips can be angled for more aggression
  • Fully enclosed – no wastage of expensive feed
  • Polyethylene is impervious to UV, non corrosive, easily repairable and shock resistant
  • (Total Control Loading System – series 2)
  • Fully mechanical – Faster and safer others with sequence valves.
  • Bale stays clean as possible – no digging up dirt etc.
  • Gentle and accurate placement on the cradle
  • Minimal wastage as net can be removed over the cradle
  • Secure during transport
  • Possible to load a square bale
  • 2nd bale can be lowered close to the ground for maximum stability
  • Single post for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Swivel towing eye
  • Heavy duty jack
  • Fully enclosed – stops water getting in and rusting
  • Lowest point to protect the chain & bars
  • 10/75 X 15.3 All weather tyres
  • The high front bar means the bale cannot screw off the back on hills
  • Optional side rails are available
  • Outboard bearing blocks are in a good position to keep clean and greased
  • and now has oil hole over the sprockets
  • String box now standard

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