Hustler Silage Wagon


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The toughest Silage wagon on the market. Easy to Use. Low Maintenance.


  1. Steel floor – lasts the lifetime of the feeder.
  2. Heavy Duty Axles – toughest axle design on the market.
  3. Large suspension travel – The oscillation of the tandem axle allows for
    travelling over the most rugged terrain with ease.
  4. Protected hydraulics – keeps hydraulic valves safe from weather, mud and other contaminants.
  5. Welded body – eliminates the need for bolts or rivets, which can loosen when subject to vibration or flex.
  6. Large diameter belt roller – For better running and less maintenance & wear. Crowned’ for better tracking + less slipping.
  7. 45mm swivel tow eye.
  8. Steel floor construction

Watch the below customer testimonial video to find out how the SF1500 improved Mark Tapley’s 2,800ha operation. Peel Forest Estate in South Canterbury is an intensive deer stud with 9 full-time employees, 10,000 deer and 400 cattle. They needed a reliable Silage Wagon that could carry 11 Tonne loads without issues. A Hustler Silage Wagon fulfilled the main criteria of Reliability, Quality and Value for money.

Check out this next video which quickly covers the features of the Hustler SF silage wagon range

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