Hustler Mounted Unrolla Bale Feeders


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The toughest, simplest and most versatile round bale feeding solution.


  1. Covered drive shafts eliminate feed wrapping
  2. Dual latch hooks makes for a stronger connection between headstock
    and feeding cradle and reduces twisting
  3. Longer lasting 12,000lb roller chain
  4. 40x40mm Galvanised boxed section feedbars (4/5 times more torsional
    strength than angle iron)
  5. Connect headstock from either end of feeding cradle to reduce tractor
    movements in the field
  6. All shafts run on double sealed self-aligning bearings

Other benefits

  • 4 built-in chain tensioners
  • Lowest loading height on the market
  • 2 x latch hooks
  • One piece covered floor
  • Optional front fence. (for feeding loose feed, eg; pit silage, fodder beet
    etc, or if loading with tractor loader)
  • Optional rear fence.
  • Optional side bars. (for hill country, or loose squares)
  • Covered drive system. (especially when pulled apart for loading)
  • Bolt in replacable forged hay tynes. (different length for easily
  • Less movement between 3PTL and Mainframe
  • Motor has guard to protect against tractor tyre
  • Rated to handle 1250kg (SL450X rated for 1000kg bales)

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