Hustler Mounted Chainless Bale Feeders


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  1. Feeds round and square bales or any type of bale
  2. No feed chains – minimal moving parts and wear
  3. Top rotor turns 3 times faster than bottom rotor – excellent teasing
    action provides fluffed up windrow reducing waste

The Chainless Concept Explained

Other Benefits

  • Self loading
  • Feeds squares up to 8’ long (Extension bar required)
  • Polyethylene platform – doesn’t corrode or rust.
  • New Dual latch for rigidity and strength.
  • Also incorporates a safety latch, so once the platform is raised the
    machine cannot disconnect
  • Low cradle for easy loading
  • One fork longer than the other for easy entry
  • High tensile forged tynes for easier spearing of bales
  • No tools required for normal servicing
  • Heavy duty 1” diameter hardened drive-dog pins
  • Variable feed control
  • Able to handle bales up to 1 tonne
  • Weighs only 640kg
  • 2 x double acting remotes are required
  • New improved wiper panel
  • Adjustable platform for extremely tight squares

Model Comparison: LM104, LX104 & LX105

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