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Backpack & Handheld Sprayers

Knapsack & Handheld Sprayers 
Protect your garden, crops and lawn against unwanted weeds. Built to withstand Australian conditions, the Inter range of knapsack and compression sprayers are both effective and comfortable.

From 1L to 16L options, find the right backpack, rechargeable or handheld compression sprayers for your application below.

12 Volt Spot Sprayers

TTi’s 12v Sprayer Range are quiet achievers, literally. Part of a broader range of weed spraying equipment, our TTi 12v sprayers are built to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions. All of our 12 volt sprayers can be optioned with booms to suit a variety of spraying applications.
With handheld and knapsack options for small jobs through to Ute and ATV Trailer sprayers for professional use, you’re sure to find the 12v sprayer for the job here with us at TTi.

Knapsack & Portable Fire Fighters

Portable Fire Fighting Knapsacks and tractor-mounted units by TTi. Everything from our tractor-mount to knapsack firefighters are designed to be ideal for fast and effective responses to the threat of fire – and you can find out more about each of our products by following the link below. TTi – Australia’s leading portable fire fighter supplier.

Fire Fighting Slip On Units

TTi’s range of fire fighting slip-on and skid mounted units – portable via your ute, trailer or truck! With easy installation and great versatility, TTi’s skid-mounted firefighting units are portable via vehicle to ensure you can provide rapid response.  Water tank sizing ranges from 220L to 2400L ensuring we have an option to suit all needs. We have the perfect slip on or skid mounted firefighting unit for your Ute, trailer or truck.

Fire Fighting Trailers

Multi-Purpose Fire Fighting Trailers manufactured by TTi and distributed Australia Wide. When it comes to fire fighting there simply isn’t any room for gear that doesn’t meet the standard. The fire fighting trailer units we design and manufacture here at TTi are the product of years of experience and expertise – and we’ve worked to produce gear that you can rely on for a fast and effective response. Browse our fire fighting trailer options below.

Diesel Tanks

TTi – Australia’s Leading Supplier of Diesel Fuel Tanks & Accessories

With decades of experience manufacturing and selling rotationally moulded poly diesel tanks to organisations of all shapes and sizes, the team here at TTi can get your business sorted for a diesel storage tank solution. When it comes to poly diesel tanks and the transport of diesel you simply don’t want to have any doubt in your mind about the integrity of your tank. So we’ve made it our goal to provide our customers with the best in poly fuel tanks of all sorts.

We build a complete diesel tank and pump solution that can handle anything you have to throw at it. Whether you’re looking for a poly diesel fuel tank to mount on the back of your ute, or a trailer solution that makes getting large quantities of diesel from point A to point B simple, you can find that at TTi.

Diesel Fuel Tank Trailers

TI have developed an industry leading fuel trailer solution to refuel any type of machinery with less hassle, more versatility of use, and deliver bigger time saving. TTI’s diesel fuel trailers are available in sizes from 600L through to 3000L, and can be either braked for on road use, or un braked for on farm use. TTi’s range of fuel trailers ensure that your machinery is refuelled safely and quickly, with the choice of either 12v, petrol or diesel powered pumps.

Protect your fuel with the padlock-able toolbox and filler cap, while the digital flow meter allows you to accurately measure how much fuel you have dispensed. The range of hose reels and auto shut off nozzle ensure you can reach your equipment with ease, while the clever plumbing, hidden wiring, recessed tail lights, folded checker plate mudguards, and safety infills all add to the strength and sleek design of the single, or dual axle chassis.

UTV and Ute Sprayers

TTi manufactures a range of slip-on field sprayers purpose built for mounting to utes, UTV’s, trailers & more. Starting from 150 litres through to 300, the UTV range of spot sprayers are specifically designed for the growing UTV market, maximising the available tub space without exceeding load limits. The UTV spot sprayer range includes standard and compact options, ensuring a solution for every UTV in the market – big or small.

TTi’s ute mounted field sprayers range from 200 through to 1000 litres and come in different configurations to maximise the space available on your ute or trailer.

Single & Twin Reel Spray Units

Increase Your Spraying Efficiency with the TTi’s single or twin reel SuperReel™ field sprayers. The professionals proven choice, the SuperReel weed spray unit with heavy-duty electric rewind reels can wind up to 200m of hose, so you can get to those difficult-to-reach locations. The anti-link nylon hose, genuine Honda engine and Bertolini pump ensure this sprayer will perform in any conditions. 

The TTi SuperReel is a unique, powerful 12v electric rewind reel that has been designed to provide spray contractors, farmers, and councils with a whole new realm of spraying capabilities. Designed for heavy-duty spraying tasks, two operators can spray at the same time without interference from one another with the twin reel spray unit.

Boom Spray Trailers

TTi’s range of trailed boom sprayers are guaranteed to get your spraying task done on time, every time. A large selection of versatile booms makes spraying with your trailer easy. The ATV, UTV’s and UTE spray trailers provide a simple solution for on the farm or in larger properties. 
Utilising trailed boom spraying combo outfits will ensure more spraying is achieved in less time with less effort. Enjoy the hitch-and-go convenience!

3PL Tractor Boom Sprayers

Hook up and go with TTi’s tractor boom sprays. From small acreage farms to large scale operations, TTi has the size and options to suit your needs and your tractor.

Our tractor boom sprayers use high-quality components ensures longevity and great return on your investment, in yet another product from the TTi family. The hot dip galvanized frame, and backed by our 20 year tank warranty, giving you the peace of mind it will withstand the harsh conditions. The heavy duty tank with integrated hand wash tank puts your safety first.

Weed Spraying Equipment

TTI designs develops & manufactures the largest range of Weed Spraying Equipment in Australia. Our range includes Backpack & Handheld Sprayers, 12v Spot Sprayers, Field Sprayers, Single/Twin Reel Sprayers, UTV Sprayers, 3PL Tractor Boom Sprayers, Trailed Sprayers & spray accessories. Distributed Australia-wide through a network of local dealers, typically rural stores, TTi’s Weed Spraying Equipment is suitable for use with herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers.

Water Cartage Tanks

At TTi, we’re proud to be Australia’s leading manufacturer of UV stabilised, impact resistant, polyethylene water cartage tanks. Designed to withstand the rigours of any work you throw at them, these water cartage solutions are just the solution you’ve been looking for. Spanning from 20 to 17,000 litres, including the popular 1000 litre water tank, the AquaTrans range has the poly water cartage tank for your UTE, Truck or Trailer. To get a closer look at each, just follow the links below.

Water Cartage Trailers

Here at TTi, we are proud to have over 20 years industry experience in water cartage trailers, and by listening to customer feedback, we have developed a water cart trailer that is going to save you time, money and hassle. The Patrol15 is built around our signature UV stabilized water cartage tank, which is moulded in house by TTi, and backed with a 20 year warranty. With sizes ranging from 800 Litres through to 3000 litres, there is a sure to be a tank size to suit your application!

Pressure Cleaning Units

xTreme™ Dual Purpose Trailers – Pressure Cleaning & Washdown Trailers
Heavy duty pressure cleaning trailers are ideal for councils, civil and industrial use, with options such as hot/cold wash for removing heavy grime and dirt. Standard fit out options include hot or cold wash pressure cleaners for heavy grime and dirt, and firefighting pump and motor for general purpose washdown and dust suppression.

Civil Water Trucks

Our purpose-built civil water cart trucks are for sale Australia wide, and backed by our commitment to excellence in liquid transport. We produce water truck solutions fitted out with only the best quality component. The product of an end-to-end manufacturing process that ensures performance and reliability for years to come.

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