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The MF 7700 S tractor series from Massey Ferguson has been specifically designed to meet to the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business environment and operations, from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses.

With models ranging from 150HP to 280HP, the 7700 series has the machine for you. With a wide choice of power, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options, the MF 7700 S can be adapted to your every demand, offering a wide range of custom-built practical, straightforward and dependable solutions.

Model Specifications


Previously only available on tractors with Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions, Engine Power Management (EPM) is now also available on all MF 7700 S Dyna-VT models, offering up to 25hp more when it is most needed.

EPM means a tractor that responds automatically to the load imposed on it, and adjusts fuelling accordingly to give you extra power when you need it most. Designed to tackle tough transport and PTO work challenges, advanced electronic engine and transmission management makes more power automatically available under load or at speed.


Whether your workload demands a semi-powershift or continuously-variable transmission, MF 7700 S tractors can be specified with the format that fits your farm. Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 options offer four and six powershifts respectively, in each of four ranges, which can all be controlled from the armrest joystick the transmission control lever or the Multipad lever (depending on model).

Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT Continuously Variable Transmission continues to be one of the most popular transmissions offering maximum productivity, efficiency and operator comfort.

Dyna 6

Dynamic performance comes as standard with Dyna-6 transmission. Now, this ultra-reliable, semi-powershift gearbox is even more refined. The ultimate semi-powershift transmission in the field today, Dyna-6 combines effortless operation with complete efficiency to create an extraordinary operator experience.

Dyna-6, uniquely, provides a smooth, 6-speed Dynashift change in each of four gears, giving a tremendous range of powershift flexibility over a wide speed range, giving maximum field performance. Both Dynashift and range changes are made under load, without the need to use the clutch pedal.

Dyna VT

With the continuously-variable Dyna-VT transmission, we have developed a system of power transfer that surpasses all others for ease of use and precision. The Dyna-VT is a proven and refined transmission delivering seamless strength hour after hour. It’s intuitive to the operator, the easiest of transmissions to understand and get the most from, and new operators will quickly settle into feeling at one with the machine. Combined with Electronic Power Management, Dyna-VT allows you to get the optimum performance, efficiency and economy from your tractor.

Operator Enviroment

Sometimes it’s the small details that can make a huge change to your workload. The MF 7700 S cab is available with numerous comfort and convenience features. These include automatic beacon activation on the road, comfort light delay at end of the day with automatic work lights extinction, extra plug sockets for mobile phones or laptop, radio and MP3 player (USB, Aux and CD), Bluetooth connection, DAB + (digital) radio, air suspended swivel seat, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing, plus automatic air conditioning. The addition of the 16 LED working lights option transforms night into day with its outstanding brightness capacity. This package also includes day time running LED signatures, enhancing an already very attractive design.

Cab Suspension

Two types of cab suspension are available. A mechanical and the Active mechanical. Both system offer unprecedented levels of cab comfort. The new active mechanical system uses silent block bushes and spring assisted shock absorbers to give with the automatic mode the optimum damping forces for all driving situations and the reduction of heave / pitch and roll movement. The active mechanical cab suspension system is adjustable, allowing the operator to set the firmness of ride. Adjustment means the operator can control the ride feel under differing terrain and speed.

Essential Cab

Essential (see above image) is the base specification for the MF 7700 S Series, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from Massey Ferguson, with a blend of simplicity, ease of use and versatility to fit needs that require power and performance without excess sophistication.

The right hand console on Essential models features a T-Lever transmission controller, hand throttle with engine speed memo A switch and linkage control. All of the main controls are at your fingertips for maximum convenience and control, whatever the operation. On the console you will also find spool valve and PTO controls.

The right hand pillar contains less frequently-used switches, working light controls and the ignition key.

Efficient Cab

Efficient (see above image) is the medium specification package for the MF 7700 S Series, designed to help you work smarter and get better results. Choose from either Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmissions, a Command Control Armrest and mechanical or electronic spool valves.

Dedicated to delivering increased productivity thanks to its key features, the Efficient specification will enable the operator to work faster, to a higher standard, with more accuracy, together with high levels of comfort, ergonomics and reliability. Stay in control of the most technologically advanced and demanding implements to take advantage of their increased productivity.

Hydraulics & Linkage

Modern implements are placing more and more demands upon the tractors that power them, which are asked to perform faster and respond better. The MF 7700 S comes with immense capability to easily handle heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive capacities for the very latest implements.

The upgraded rear linkage now offers lift capacity up to 9950kg. Rear couplers are equipped with an hydraulic decompression system for easy uncoupling of implements and a total of up to five spool valves are available. Automatic stabiliser installation has also been improved with a shorter chain for the simplest installation. A one way stabilizer each side offers extra reliability.

A heavy duty Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) is available as an option and is designed to match the front suspension. Offering up to 4000kg lift with dedicated front valve control, the IFLS features two spool valves and a free return line.

Ultimate Draft Control

Massey Ferguson continues to lead the way in electronic linkage control (ELC). Massey Ferguson’s digital ELC system gives the highest standards of draft control with more accurate depth settings and better ground contour following. The result is more weight transfer, better traction, less wheelslip, reduced tyre wear and reduced fuel consumption whilst still maintaining greater output.


Check out the below video where Tom Dickson from TradeFarmMachinery puts a 7720 DVT tractor to work.

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