Kubota VP Series Vegetable Planters

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VP Series

As a competent partner in precision sowing Kubota delivers the technological know-how: the VP Series. The particularly clear structure and the incorporated intelligent technology the machine is extremely user friendly and highly flexible, from setting to sowing. The VP Series guarantees customised precision sowing for all sorts of vegetable seeds and is thus the ultimate machine for vegetable producers.



The pneumatic precision seed drill for a large variety of natural, coated or pelleted seeds like, onion, cabbage, spinach, carrot, asparagus and many other types of vegetable, as well as medicinal herbs, flowers and trees.

The VP is available with rigid frame or as a parallel hydraulic folding model, with working width from 2 to 6.5m.The machine can be adjusted to a height of up to 34cm for field, bed or ridged cropping systems via the holes on an adjustment bar on the suspension.

The standard gearbox allows seed spacing of 0.9 – 43.4cm. The chain wheels can be changed without the need for tools.

Guarantees an excellent cut with low power requirement.

The advantages

  • Versatile for a large variety of seeds.
  • Low soil impact during sowing due to the 7.00-12AS tyres as standard.
  • Consistent sowing depth due to linked front and rear press wheels.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the sowing depth via spindle.
  • Minimum row distance of 11cm.
  • Various coulters: standard coulter, band coulter, sickle-shaped coulter and twin coulter.


  • Suitable for all farm sizes, in working width from 2 to 6.5m, rigid or parallel hydraulic folding.
  • The 7.00-12AS tyres are standard fittings and ensure low soil impact during sowing.
  • The wheels are positioned behind the toolbar in order to optimise weight distribution.
  • The machine can be adjusted to a height of up to 34cm for field, bed or ridged cropping systems via the holes on an adjustment bar on the wheel suspension.
  • The standard gearbox, located at the end of the frame, is fitted with an automatic chain tension adjustment device and allows seed spacing of 0.9 – 43.4cm.
  • The chain wheels can be changed without the need for tools.

Sowing unit

  • The sowing unit concept consists of a parallelogram-linked tandem wagon with a hitched sowing unit.
  • The downward weight of the unit can be reduced or increased as required via a spring loaded suspension system.
  • Linked front and rear press wheels ensure a consistent sowing depth.
  • The sowing depth can be set quickly and easily via a spindle on the tandem wagon. Once the first row is set, a scale ensures the depth is applied to all rows.
  • The individual sowing units are attached to the basic frame with a claw hitch. This allows the distance between rows to be set easily and individually to a minimum width of 11cm.
  • Weighing just 28kg, the standard version of the single sowing unit puts the emphasis on manoeuvrability, whilst maximizing stability.
  • A new lifting mechanism allows the sowing unit to be raised and locked in position for maintenance work or if the tank is to be emptied completely.
  • The sowing unit can be fitted with various different press wheels, so that it is possible to adjust it according to soil quality.
  • There is also a long version of the tandem wagon, which can optionally be fitted with an intermediate press wheel and additional chain coverer.

Seeding heart

  • The seeding heart is made of cast aluminium and guarantees highly accurate seed placement thanks to its sophisticated technological design.
  • Individual seeds are sucked to the holes in the seed discs by a vacuum and proceed then via the rotating disc to the ejection area, where the vacuum is interrupted and the seed is placed precisely in the soil.
  • Surplus seed at the holes is removed with the help of adjustable singulators and returned to the seed flow.
  • The feeding of seed from the 4 l plastic seed hopper is regulated with the help of a baffle plate, so that the flow of surplus seed back to the intake is guaranteed at all times.
  • A rotary brush at the seed flow prevents blockages and bridging, ensuring a consistent supply of seed to the seed disc.
  • A small air jet clears the holes in the seed disc of any dust or seed residue to ensure perfect pick-up every time.
  • The seeding heart is easy to open and can be fitted with all sorts of different seed discs.
  • The seed discs can be changed easily and without the need for tools.

Seed Coulters

  • There is the choice between various coulters for different applications.
  • There is the standard coulter for normal placement, a band coulter for wide placement and a sickle-shaped coulter for deep placement.
  • New in the range is the twin coulter. In this case the standard seed coulter comes in two sections that make it possible to plant two rows of seed using one seeding heart.
  • The twin seed coulter is available in 7cm and 10cm widths, with a minimum distance between rows of 21cm.
  • The “two-lane” seed disc staggers the placement of the seed, thus optimizing the spatial distribution of individual plants in order to make best use of nutrients, light and water.
  • The standard and twin seed coulters are both fitted with a quick-fit share-point that can be changed easily in case of wear.
  • A wind flap at the end of the coulter ensures precise seed placement.

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