Kubota Track Loader SVL75-3

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The all new SVL75-3 replaces the proven SVL75-2 and is Kubota’s latest track loader with a wide range of new features, improving performance and comfort. Powered by a Kubota 74.3HP engine and now with higher torque, the SVL75-3 can take on any task whether that’s digging, dumping, grading or moving materials. Other new features include a new one-piece cabin, advanced hydraulic system, 7″ LCD touch screen with keyless start and integrated reverse camera, updated engine layout design and much more including the well-known front sliding window. The standard flow and high-flow models allow you to operate a variety of attachments from our SSV & SVL performance matched attachments range.

Product Features

One-Piece Pressurised Cabin

The SVL75-3 now features a fully sealed one-piece pressurised cabin, preventing any dirt, dust, water or any debris ingression, allowing a clean environment for the operator. The luxurious cab delivers operator comfort with a wide entrance, ergonomically designed controls and front sliding window to easily enter and exit the cabin. There are also 6 vents consistently placed throughout the cabin improving A/C or heating flow, ensuring optimal working conditions all year round. Further to this, the A/C filter is positioned at the top of the cab which filters clean air through the cabin.

Engine & Top-Mount Layout

Best in class Kubota 74.3HP engine, renowned worldwide for exceptional performance and reliability. The radiator and oil cooler are conveniently located on the top of the engine compartment, with radiator components within easy reach for cleaning and routine maintenance. Standard fit from factory is a reverse fan, which periodically reverses direction the help keep the engine free of any dust or debris ensuring optimal air flow. With this design you have easy access to all major engine serviceable components. Other standard equipment include a pre-cleaner and larger air-cleaner for a cleaner engine compartment.

Colour Touch LCD Panel with Jog Dial

7″ colour LCD panel features a touch screen and jog dial enabled controls for ease of use and quick selection of functions. The engine can be started with a 4-digit passcode, with a key only required to lock or unlock the cabin. The touch panel is standard with radio and fully compatible with Bluetooth for seamless streaming and hands-free calling. The standard rear-view camera is fully integrated into the touch panel, with constant display or only in reverse display settings.

Travelling Features

The SVL75-3 has a faster two-speed travel with low gear at 9.0 km/h and high speed at 13.7 km/h. Auto-shift automatically shifts the machine from high-speed to low-speed when turning, allowing you to easily turn and power through corners to proceed working efficiently. Track response sensitivity settings can also be adjusted in 3 settings (Mild, Normal, Quick) which is perfect for different job applications and power requirements.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow

Available in standard flow (72.7 l/min) or high-flow models (112.8 l/min), the SVL75-2 guarantees you have the optimal hydraulic flow option for attachments. The auxiliary couplers are protected with a guard to eliminate any possible damage. Higher hinge pin height of 3117mm makes dumping into trucks easy.

Hydraulic System

Standard on the SVL65-2, the SVL75-3 now features the innovative Advanced Multifunction Vale (AMV), providing smooth movements of all bucket and loader arm functions when operated simultaneously without stalling. Electronic travel torque management system lets you work faster with more power. The ECU provides optimal torque by controlling the amount of oil from the HST pump based on the engine load.



TypeTier 4 Stage 5 Emission Level
Fuel TypeDiesel
Model Kubota V33007-TE5A-CTL-Q
Engine Net73.2 HP
Engine Gross74.3HP
Displacement 3331 cc
Rated Speed 2400 rpm


Track Width – Standard 320mm
Track Width – Wide400mm
Ground Pressure Cab – Standard Track5.9 psi
Ground Pressure Cab – Wide Track4.8 psi
Track Roller (Per Side)4
Track Ground Contact Length1436mm
Traction Force4390kg
Min. Ground Clearance296mm


Aux Hydraulic Flow – Standard72.7 l/min
Aux Hydraulic Flow – High112.8 l/min
Loader Hydraulic Pressure (Per cm2)224 kgf

Loader Performance

ROC – 35% Tipping Load1129kg
Tipping Load3226 kg
Breakout Force – Bucket2808 kg
Breakout Force – Lift Arm2142 kg
Lifting Capacity2214 kg
Lift Arm PathVertical

Travelling Speeds

Low9 km/h
High13.7 km/h


Width – Standard Track1675mm
Width – Wide Track1755mm
Operating Weight – Cab4273kg

Fluid Capacity

Fuel Reservoir94.6 l
Hydraulic System46 l
Hydraulic Tank16.1 l

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