Kubota Disc Spreader DS Weighing Series

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Kubota’s DSM-W and DSX-W weighing spreaders have the advantage of speed-related spreading and high-frequency automatic calibration. Hopper volumes range from 1300 to 1875 L, and optional aluminium hopper extensions increase this to 2800 and 4575 L, respectively, depending on the weight of the fertiliser. Spreading width varies from 10 m in the DSM-W1300, to an impressive 54 m, all with even distribution and double overlap. Like our DS standard spreaders, Kubota’s weighing spreaders take advantage of our RotaFlow system, which accelerates the fertiliser granules before they reach the spreading vanes for less impact – all easily controlled via the FlowPilot dashboard.

Model Comparison

ModelDSM-W1300 GeospreadDSX-1875 ISOBUS MkIIDSX-W1875 Geospread MkIIDSXL-W1875 Geospread Hi-Speed
Basic Hopper Capacity1300 L1875 L1875 L1875 L
Max. Hopper Capacity2800 L4575 L4575 L4575 L
Min. Spreading Width10 m12 m12 m24 m
Max. Spreading Width33 m54 m54 m45 m
Max. Permissible Weight in Hopper2800 kg3900 kg3900 kg3900 kg

Product Features

Automatically calibrated and speed-related spreading helps to prevent over and under dosing, which results in fertiliser input savings and better yields. GEOSPREAD improves accuracy and efficiency by adjusting the fertiliser discharge point and rate, while load cells and reference sensors provide precise weighing information to the system. Kubota’s weighing spreaders are also ISOBUS compatible, allowing for the possibility of precise variable rate spreading and automatic start/stop at headlands.

RotaFlow System

RotaFlow is Kubota’s own spreading system, in which the fertiliser granules are already rotating when they reach the spreading vanes. This initial smooth acceleration prevents fragmentation due to minimal impact from the vanes, which in turn provides an even, accurate pattern. Thanks to this gentle handling, product spreading characteristics are maintained. 

FlowPilot Dashboard

The compact FlowPilot ‘dashboard’ provides easy setting and adjustment for application rates. Two hydraulically or electrically operated metering plates, each with three discharge openings, ensure equal fertiliser flow from the hopper to the spreading discs. 

Accurate Charts and Apps

At www.kubotaspreadingcharts.com you can enter fertiliser characteristics and your desired working width and speed, to determine the most accurate settings for your spreader. There’s also a smartphone app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Just type in ‘Kubota Spreading Charts’ and you’re good to go. 

Weight Cells and Sensors

Four load cells as standard are positioned on the front and rear for accurate weighing. And thanks to unique reference sensors, the DSM-W and DSX-W automatically correct for slopes and shocks, providing accurate performance even on rough or hilly terrain. 


At the top of the range, Kubota’s DSM-W GEOSPREAD and DSX-W GEOSPREAD deliver section control to an accuracy of just 1 m. With no limit to the total number of sections and the option to switch sections over the middle of the spreader, overlap is always minimised. GEOSPREAD is also possible on the DSX-W ISOBUS with basic section control using 4 m sections (with a licence from the Kubota webshop).


MULTIRATE (Variable Rate Application) applies multiple rates within a working width. In order to spread the right amount of fertiliser at a specific place in a field there is a need to have a different rate within the working width. Depending on the field variation and the size of the grid of the variable application map, input of 2, 4, 6 or 8 rate sections can be used. This means a more accurate application of nutrients to have a better nutrient efficiency, better yield and reduce costs.


NameDSM-W100 GeospreadDSX-W1875 ISOBUS MkIIDSX-W1875 Geospread MkIIDSXL-W1875 Geospread Hi-Speed
Basic Hopper Capacity1300 L1875 L1875 L1875 L
Max. Hopper Capacity2800 L4575 L4575 L4575 L
Max. Permissable Weight in Hopper2800 kg3900 kg3900 kg3900 kg
Min. Spreading Width10 m12 m12 m24 m
Max. Spreading Width33 m54 m54 m45 m
Max. Flow (Fertiliser Density of 1.55kg/L)419 kg/min356 kg/min356 kg/min601 kg/min
Hopper Width2450 mm2900 mm2900 mm2900 mm
Min. Filling Height1130 mm1200 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Max. Filling Height1510 mm1960 mm1960 mm1960 mm
Weight – Empty496 kg680 kg680 kg680 kg
4 x Load Cells2 t5 t5 t5 t
Spinner DrivePTO w/ClutchPTO w/ClutchHydraulicHydraulic
Spreading ComputerSee OptionsSee OptionsSee OptionsSee Options
Hopper Shutter ControlElectric ActuatorsElectric ActuatorsElectric ActuatorsElectric Actuators
Spreading Width AdjustmentElectric ActuatorsManual LeverElectric ActuatorsElectric Actuators
GEOSPREAD Section Control Section Widths1 m1 m1 m1 m
GEOSPREAD Section Control Max. SectionsUnlimited16UnlimitedUnlimited

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