Kubota SH Series Seed Boxes & Hoppers

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The Kubota SH Series is more flexible than conventional seed drills. It can be used for both conventional and precision sowing. For precision sowing the front hopper is fitted with special metering devices and the appropriate distribution head for row fertilising. The hopper capacity can be increased with an optional hopper extension.

SH200 – SH500 SERIES

SH200 and SH500

The Kubota pneumatic seeders SH200 and SH500 integrated on cultivator or short disc harrow have been designed to ensure a rapid implementation of cover crop during stubble operation at minimum costs.

The two models SH200 and SH500 are different depending on the seed rate/ha and the output of the machine. Both have 8 outlets which will spread the flow of seeds uniformly over the working width. In addition, they can also be used for establishing rape or a mix of different diameters seeds (leguminous plant, crucifers, …).

The advantages

  • Precision and high work output.
  • Seed rate can be adjusted from the cab, even during work.
  • Economical crop establishment.
  • Secure access.
  • Fans adapted to seeds, working speed and width – Hydraulic or Electric.
  • Seed metering rotors for all conditions.
  • 200ltr or 500ltr Hopper.
  • 5.2 control box for seed and speed regulation.

SH1150 – SH1650 SERIES


The modular structure of the Kubota SH1150 ensures even weight distribution across the machine arrangement, giving the tractor maximum balance. This improves both safety and maneuverability, whilst at the same time giving the driver an unrestricted view over the entire machine set-up.

The Kubota SH Series is more flexible than conventional seed drills. It can be used for both conventional and precision seeding.

The SH1150 hopper capacity is 1150 litres. This can be increased to 1700 litres by an optional hopper extension.

The SH1650 hopper capacity is 1650 litres. This can be increased to 2200 litres by an optional hopper extension.

The Kubota SH1650 has front twin hoppers feeding two metering devices. These are driven via the spiked landwheel, which runs on the right side of the machine. Hydraulic fan drives and landwheel lifting are available as options.

The handy positioning of all valves and electrics is clear and convenient, facilitating easy adjustment and maintenance.

The advantages

  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Improved safety and manoeuvrability.
  • Unrestricted rear view.
  • To be used for row fertilizing in combination with a precision seed drill.

Central metering device

  • The central metering device accurately metres any desired volume of seed from 2kg per hectare to 380kg per hectare.
  • For the sowing of fine seeds, e.g. rape or grass, the metering device can be infinitely adjusted to fine seed/micro-metering by means of a spindle, without any need for tools.
  • The metering system is mechanically driven via the spiked landwheel running in the tilled soil.
  • The metering device is centrally positioned and easily accessible under the hopper.


  • Apart from the well-known tramline control FGS and the Signus, the pneumatic seed drills can be equipped with the Tellus GO and the IsoMatch Tellus.
  • IsoMatch Tellus – the next generation universal ISOBUS Terminal.
  • Two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal
  • Multifunctional ergonomic design.
  • ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ICB).
  • The IsoMatch Tellus is the first ISOBUS terminal in the world with the capability to operate two different (machine) screens through one terminal, without the need to constantly toggle between screens.
  • Via the ISOBUS connection, IsoMatch Tellus automatically identifies the job control unit, which is located on the machine.


  • The central, totally enclosed cell wheel of the metering device accurately measures the required volume of seed and discharges it into the venturi cone where it is mixed with the air stream and then conveyed through the diffuser tube and the seed delivery hoses to the coulters.
  • The distribution head is mounted in a protected position inside the seed hopper.

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