Kubota SD Series Seed Drills

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SD Series

The SD series is the ideal machine for small, medium and large sized farms and combines a compact, light design with the proven Kubota quality. Working widths in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0m are available. Due to the large hopper volume and electronic control of the seeder, set-up times and performance is increased.



The Kubota SD drill is offered with a hopper capacity of 1100 litres and allows for seedbed preparation, re-compaction and sowing in one pass. Operator-friendly – innovative and precise depth control

A parallelogram and a quadruple joint of the SD Series drill ensure the optimum adjustment of the power harrow and coulterbar for a precise seed application. Important: the adjustment of the power harrow has no impact on the coulterbar respectively the sowing depth.


  • Close centre of gravity for reduced lifting power requirement
  • Easily accessible metering device ELDOS
  • Simple and independent depth adjustment of the power harrow and the coulterbar
  • Precise seed placement by CX-II coulters w/ press wheel
  • Central depth and pressure adjustment of the following harrow


The metering device ELDOS accurately measures the required volume of seed by the distinctive rotor and discharges it into the seed injector where is is mixed with the air stream and then conveyed through the diffusor tube and the seed delivery hoses to the coulters.


ELDOS is electric driven by e-com and is fully ISOBUS compatible.

GEOCONTROL by GPS signal is possible which avoids double seeding.

Special sensors ensure functionality from the tractor cab.

Five standard rotors are delivered for fine and large seeds or fertiliser.

The exchange of the rotors is quick and easily done without any tools.

Application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible (depending on working speed and width).

The metering device is always easily accessible.


Very simple calibration test due to the separate seed guidance.

A remote control allows the driver to operate the calibration process at the metering device.

No gear has to be adjusted. The driver simply enters the desired values into the terminal, presses one button to start at the metering device and that’s it.

The calibration is done automatically.

A calibration flap with an integrated gate prevents any seed from dropping into the hose.


The CX-II disc coulter from Kubota not only guarantees smoother running but also exact seed placement.

The flatter cutting angle of only 5.4° of the steel disc requires less pulling power to reach a constant seeding depth of up to 6cm.

Due to the combination of the steel disc with a diameter of 325 mm and the flexible plastic disc, there is no need for independent scrapers, saving the cost for expensive wearing parts. In addition the coulter is completely maintenance-free!

Up to 35 kg coulter pressure can be achieved by a pre-loaded spring. Safe operation is ensured when working with high working speeds and high quantities of plant residues on the soil surface.

An inter-row coulter spacing of 445 mm for maximum clearance and the following press wheel (standard equipment) ensure an optimum seed/soil contact in all conditions.

The press wheels can be set in fixed or floating position in order to be able to adapt quickly to changing weather, soil or working conditions.


Flexibility is key!

The coulterbar can be easily coupled and uncoupled with a coupling hook similar to the front loader coupling. Therefore, the power harrow is ready for solo operation within short time. The coulterbar is attached with the Euro-Connection directly to the roller frame and can quickly and easily be hitched thanks to the readily accessible hydraulic and electronic interface.

The SD Series is exclusively designed to be combined with Kubota power harrows


For the electronic control of the SD Drill, a whole range of steering systems is available

IsoMatch Tellus GO

The multifunctional one-screen terminal has been developed for fast and simple control of all ISOBUS implements, giving the farmer a ‘customer made’ experience as it suits all needs for plain and efficient handling of farming machinery and tasks. IsoMatch Tellus GO is the farmer’s first step into Precision Farming. With the easy to use application, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, it is possible to boost efficiency and save time and costs. The application includes Manual Guidance, Section Control and Variable Rate.

IsoMatch Tellus

Two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal

Multifunctional ergonomic design

ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ICB)

The IsoMatch Tellus is the first ISOBUS terminal in the world with the capability to operate two different (machine) screens through one terminal, without the need to constantly toggle between screens. Via the ISOBUS connection, IsoMatch Tellus automatically identifies the job control unit, which is located on the machine.

SD2001MP Series Specifications

Model SD2301MPSD2351MPSD2401MP
Working Width(m)33.54
Transport Width(m)33.54
No. of Coulters(12.5cm distance)242832

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