Kubota PP 4150 Series Precision Planter

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PP Series

For all tillage and row crop establishment methods, Kubota offers proven technology. Today Precision Farming has become more and more important. With GEOCONTROL and GEOSEED® Kubota offers two applications for the PP range that maximise the machine output and prevent double seeding. Even in total darkness your seeding results will be exceptional. The PP models can be used for standard or mulch seeding (depending on optional equipment). The PP series is available with working widths from 3.00-6.00m with flexibly adjustable row widths and a wide range of additional equipment.



The machine is based on an entirely new frame concept that allows the customer to quickly change row widths from a minimum of 30cm up to 80cm.

This frame concept combines reliability of the sowing unit with an even stronger and more versatile frame.


  • Rows are mounted on moveable brackets fixed to a 180x180mm square tube main frame. The machine can be switched from three meters transport-position to 4.5m working- position with the push of one button.
  • Strong stability and clear design due to the headstock made of round tubing.
  • With the fertilizer hopper directly on top of the headstock, the centre of gravity has been put to the front reducing lifting requirements.
  • New vacuum air system for improved airflow increasing the seed spacing accuracy.

HD Row

  • Seeding heart located above the double disc system for excellent depth control.
  • Individual row weight of 129 kg. The downward weight on the unit can be increased by 100 kg.
  • Loading of the V-press wheels can be adjusted in 3 steps from 0 to 45 kg by additional angle adjustment.


  • Fertilizer hopper with 1000l capacity.
  • Air supported transport of fertilizer for all rows.
  • Flap underneath metering unit for calibration.
  • Normal seeding fertilizer coulters or double disc coulter.
  • 180x180mm tube for frame.
  • 45cm – 80cm row distance Adjustable in 5cm steps.
  • All fertilizer coulters are behind the land wheels.


  • Full ISOBUS compatible.
  • Hydraulic valves for track marker arms and telescopic functions are steered by ISOBUS terminal.
  • All machines with e-drive II.

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