Kubota M7040SUHD 70hp Rops Tractor

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Premium ROPS Utility Tractor

The Kubota M7040SUHD features a 68HP E-CDIS engine, offering more durability, power and fuel efficiency than other models in its class. The ROPS utility model is equipped with hydraulic shuttle shift to make forward and reverse manoeuvers quick and smooth.

The M7040SUHD offers a well priced and high performance 4WD 70HP ROPS loader tractor and is one of our most popular machines. Partnered with a QVX26 loader, choose between a standard bucket, 4in1 bucket, pallet forks, bale forks or soft hands. Invest in a canopy to protect yourself from the elements. The Kubota M7040SUHD has been used across broad applications in Tasmania including to lift round hay bales, operate hay rakes, mowers, ploughs and seeding units. The M7040SUHD is typically the largest model in the Kubota range that we would recommend for a hobby farmer, but it also is a suitable commercial tractor.


  • Kubota’s revolutionary new centre direct injection system (E-CDIS) engines offer more durability, power and fuel efficiency.
  • Range shift lever provides quick and easy shifting between high and low gears, providing 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds (8F/8R), allowing the operator to choose the right gear for the task.
  • Standard with a 540/540E hydraulic independent PTO, to increase productivity.
  • Category I & II 3-point hitches provide fast and simple attachment of rear-mounted implements. Two external hydraulic cylinders provide equal lifting force and smooth transfer of hydraulic power for easy operation.
  • M-Series hydraulic pumps are located on the side case instead of on the engine, shortening the oil flow path and increasing efficiency. Shifting between forward and reverse is seamless and smooth with Kubota’s new and improved hydraulic shuttle. A column-mounted lever with left-hand operation makes shifting simple.
  • Bevel-gear front axle provides the M40 series with better all around manoeuvrability, especially for jobs in tight spaces.


  • Optional LA1153E Kubota front end loader offers increased lifting power that’s perfect for farm use, and a fully integrated design with slanted boom to match the tractor’s hood. This sleek design also increases visibility and clearer sight lines to the bucket and loader sides.
  • Sturdy, thick steel frame features no braces or connectors, making it quick and easy to attach the loader as well as offering increased visibility.
  • Hydraulic tubes are neatly tucked inside the loader boom, better protecting the tractor hydraulics and offering increased operator visibility.
  • Attach or detach the front loader in moments without the use of tools. The boom stands and mounting pins make this task a snap, allowing an extra measure of productivity and tractor versatility.
  • Hydraulic self-levelling valve allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom while keeping the bucket level to the ground. This helps prevent spills when carrying soil or sand and also makes pallet handling smooth and easy.
  • QVX26 Mechanical Self Level Loader option available enabling the operator to keep the bucket level to the ground.


  • Reclining, weight-adjusted seats come standard, designed to absorb shock and significantly reduce operator fatigue.
  • Digital LED panel makes viewing vital functions on this tractor clear and easy.

Key Features


What bucket do I need?

A 4in1 hydraulic release bucket vs a standard bucket

What is a 4in1 bucket? A 4in1 bucket is a hydraulic enabled bucket that can push material, scoop material, drag and grab material. The bucket is split along the backplate enabling it to open using hydraulic control systems.

What is a standard bucket? A standard bucket is a single piece bucket that has less functionality than a 4in1 bucket and its primary function is to scoop and smooth out material.

The 4 IN 1 bucket has many advantages over the standard bucket:

  • Using a hydraulic control lever, the operator can open the bucket to release material instead of dumping the material.
  • When the bucket is opened, the exposed blades on the rear and front end of the bucket can be used for earthmoving activities.
  • The 4in1 bucket is a more expensive option as it includes hydraulic fittings and hoses and also requires additional labour in the assembly process the plumb up the hydraulics. Whilst a 4in1 bucket will cost slightly more than a standard bucket, the small price increase is well worth the additional functionality and versatility that it gives your tractor. Without the 4in1 you will not be able to push, drag or grab material.
Example of a 4in1 bucket used on a BX tractor in North America.

Safe Loader Operation

It is strongly recommended for safety purposes that your tractor has a counterweight fitted to the rear linkage when you are operating the front end loader. If the weight in the loader and bucket is not offset using a backhoe, an implement such as a mulcher or slasher or a purpose built counterweight, then you can damage the tractor and have an accident, potentially harming you or others around you. If the weight on the front of the tractor is not countered using the above means then the tractor can tip over, the loader subframe can twist or the back wheels can come off the ground, in which case you loose traction and control of the machine.

There are limitations to the lift capacity of front end loaders. The listed capacity on the loader plate often does not include the weight of the bucket and you must understand the maximum safe lifting capacity before undertaking a task. If the task is too large you can try to break it up into smaller tasks, such as cutting a log up before lifting it.

It is important to consider the tasks that you have to do on your property, now and over the coming years as it may be beneficial for you to step up into a M8540 or M9540.

An example of a three point linkage mounted counterweight. This is approximately 650KG.

What now?

If you think that the M7040SUHD is the right tractor for you, then the next step is to talk to one of our sales representatives. Even if you are stuck on what model tractor best suits you, or if you are unsure if the M7040SUHD is big enough for your needs then give us a call, email or a visit. Tasmac has sales staff that operate alongside our parts and service teams at our Smithton, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart branches, that way you are always dealing with someone local. Our sales team can help you narrow down the right model, accessories and answer any questions you have. If you have any queries regarding finance or pricing get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote.

We understand that this might be your first piece of farm equipment (how exciting!), especially if you own or have just purchased a small hobby farm. Our sales team can deliver the machine to your property and show you how to safely and confidently operate your machine. Our parts and service teams have your back and will keep your machine operating smoothly.

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