MF 2800 M Series

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The Massey Ferguson 2800 M Series Premium Compact Tractors are designed to provide hobby farmers and owners of lifestyle properties with a premium ownership experience. With an emphasis on comfort, convenience, and ease of operation, these tractors come with features that save you time and provide the versatility you need to handle any task. With a horsepower range of 50-60 hp, the Massey Ferguson 2800 M Series tractors are perfect for those looking for a compact yet powerful machine to help them manage their property.

Key Benefits

Choice of Open Station or Cab

Open station models are designed with a wide, flat, unobstructed platform, while cab models offer exceptional visibility and quiet, climate-controlled comfort.

Turbocharged Diesel Power

At the heart of every MF 2800 M series tractor is a 2.43- litre 4-cylinder Iseki diesel engine. These engines are turbocharged for extra power, are liquid-cooled and offer direct fuel injection for high efficiency and exceptional fuel economy. They also provide the torque reserve for optimum performance – and keep pace when the going gets tough.

Torque Reserve You Need

The MF 2800 M Series tractors provide extra power at lower RPM, allowing you to throttle back and run the engine at lower speeds, which reduces noise and minimises wear and tear on the engine.


More Power To The Ground

With a solid cast rear-end and front axle, these tractors offer plenty of weight for tackling heavy-duty jobs, giving you more stability on uneven ground and boosting performance with heavier implements and attachments.

Smooth PTO Action

A standard 540 RPM rear PTO is electro-hydraulically controlled for smooth, chatter-free actuation. The smooth SoftStart modulation reduces abrupt jolts, lessels wear and tear, and reduces the chance of downtime.

Simple Implement Hookup

A standard rear 3-point Cat I or I/II hitch offers generous lift capacities and easy implement hookups.


Easy Access To Fuel And Maintenance

Service points are all easily accessible from ground level. Fuel fill-ups are convenient thanks to the ground-accessible fuel-tank filler.

Tire Options

Choose the tire tread and size that are right for your jobs and performance needs: ag, turf and industrial.

Hydrostatic Features


Efficiency gets a boost with the auto-throttle feature standard on the hydrostatic transmission. It automatically raises engine speed to match ground speed – giving you the power you need to keep pace.

Cruise Control

A cruise control feature is standard with the hydrostatic transmission and lets you set a precise working speed – just engage and go. Pressing the brake pedal or the forward pedal disengages the system.

On-demand Four-wheel Drive

Get extra traction for tough jobs and difficult conditions with on-demand four-wheel drive. Just push the lever downward to engage, pull it up to disengage.

Available Models

ModelMF 2850 M
Emissions LevelTier 4 Final
Engine HP48.8
Transmission3-Range Hydrostatic
Rear Life Capacity (kg)1580
Implement Hydraulic Flow (LPM)47.8
PTO HP36.2
Base Weight (kg)1830
ModelMF 2860 M
Emissions LevelTier 4 Final
Engine HP60.3
Transmission3-Range Hydrostatic
Rear Life Capacity (kg)1580
Implement Hydraulic Flow (LPM)47.8
PTO HP 44.6
Base Weight (kg) 2120

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