Kubota KX080-3S 8.2T Conventional Swing Excavator

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Kubota’s premium KX080-3S excavator features a 70HP DI engine and 3 pump load-sensing hydraulic system that powers through the harshest conditions. Work in the comfort of a luxury cab and feel peace of mind with clever features that ensure operator safety, increase productivity and keep operator costs to a minimum.


  • 3 pump load-sensing hydraulic system guarantees smoother handling regardless of the load with a bucket breakout force of 6650KG.
  • The newly designed hydraulic system allows you to now use multiple attachments at the one time without loosing speed, such as backfilling while using a front attachment.
  • Auto idle system automatically reduces RPM’s when control levers are left stationary, reducing noise and providing fuel savings up to 10%.


  • The auto shift system automatically downshifts for more torque when working with heavy loads, making turns or backfilling trenches. Also has a tail overhang of only 360mm to maximise stability.
  • Two Pattern Selection System provides the operator the versatility to be able to switch between ISO and SAE Pattern. Great if you have more than one person operating the machine.
  • Adjustable maximum oil flow control for auxiliary port allows the operator to control the oil flow according to need or the attachment in use, eliminating the hassle of using tools to change settings manually.


  • Deluxe cab interior offers superior comfort during long hours of operation, featuring suspension seat and ergonomically designed controls to reduce operator fatigue.
  • High capacity dozer blade eliminates the need to separate machines for site prep, digging, and finish work, saving on money, time and staff.
  • Wider entrance for easy entry and exit from the cab along with greater operating area.


  • 3 opening bonnets provide easy access for important daily check and to key components for servicing. The two piece hose design for the dozer simplifies hose replacement and reduces downtime.
  • Third line hydraulic return allows oil to flow back to tank without running through the control valves when working with one way hydraulic attachments. This contributes to less oil contamination, reduced back pressure and greater oil flow efficiency.
  • Standard refueling pump and hose to refuel. With a simple push of a button, tank fills with auto stop feature eliminating spillage.


  • Anti-drop valve prevents an elevated load from dropping unexpectedly. Also ROPS and FOPS certified for ease of mind when entering any job site.
  • Overload alarm sensor alerts operator when load capacity has been exceeded, preventing possible injury or damage.
  • Swivel negative break automatically locks the swivel function in its current position.

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