Kanga Hobby Farmer Rotary Cutter Range


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Farm Implements is a family owned and operated Australian company which manufactures slashers and other implements under the Kanga brand. There are 4 main types of Kanga rotary cutters (otherwise known as a slasher); the Joey, the S Range, the M range and the H range. Each range represents a different build specification; light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. The Joey Range is ideal for small garden tractors with 18-25HP, the S range is ideal for tractors up to 50HP, the M Range is good for 50-70HP and the H range is used in both large hobby farmer operations and in commercial settings. Kanga also manufacture several twin and tri rotor slasher models, as well as pasture toppers.

Joey Range Rotary Cutter

KANGA JOEY Range Rotary Cutters are light-duty cutters for compact and subcompact tractors, 15 to 40hp.

The JOEY’s high-speed gearbox produces blade tip speeds superior to equivalent cutters, guaranteeing a high-quality, clean cut in a variety of field conditions.

It is ideal for fast, dependable mowing on smallholding farms where there are large areas of grass and bracken. 1.2m, 1.25m and 1.5m cutting widths with varying HP minimum requirements of at least 20HP.

Joey Range Rotary Cutter Specifications

S Range Rotary Cutter

KANGA S Range Rotary Cutters are general-purpose implements designed for tough Australian conditions.

The hot-dipped, galvanized, 3mm deck is fully reinforced underneath, creating a clean top design that reduces the collection of debris and water. Front and rear incorporated safety chains come standard, for maximum safety.

The lowered high tensile cutter bar allows a higher volume of material to be easily discharged producing fast, clean, dependable cutting in light scrub, regrowth and long grass. 1.2m, 1.35m and 1.5m cutting widths with varying HP minimum requirements of 28-40HP.

S Range Rotary Cutter Specifications

M Range Rotary Cutter

KANGA M Range Rotary Cutters are medium to heavy-duty implements with a 4mm galvanised steel deck. Designed to clear, cut and maintain scrub and regrowth they are suited to tractors from 50 – 85hp.

When it comes to standard inclusions and performance, the KANGA M Range has few competitors. The multi-mount tower, and blade bolt inspection hole in the deck, provide flexibility and easy maintenance.

The lowered, reinforced, spring steel cutter bar is powered by a high speed/high ratio gearbox. This allows a large volume of material to be finely cut and quickly discharged without reducing the blade tip speed.

The KANGA M Range has been refined over the last thirty years, based on feedback from customers and dealers around Australia. 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m options with varying minimum HP requirements of 50 to 70HP.

M Range Rotary Cutter Specifications

H Range Rotary Cutter

KANGA H Range Rotary Cutters are designed and engineered to handle the most demanding conditions in Australia.

The lowered, reinforced 130mm spring steel cutter bar is powered by a high ratio gearbox, which allows a larger volume of material to be easily cut and discharged.

Recommended and sold by our dealers since 1983, the KANGA H Range is a reliable, robust, high performing cutter. It is suited to a diverse range of applications, from farmers clearing scrub and regrowth to contractors cutting roadsides and maintaining mining sites or government land. Featuring both 1.8m and 2.1m models, with 5mm galvanised steel decks, the minimum HP requirement is 80 or 90 HP respectively.

H Range Rotary Cutter Specifications

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