Cosmo Finishing Mowers


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Cosmo are an Italian designed and manufactured product and are distributed in Australia by Farm Implements, a family owned and operated manufacturing business based in Melbourne. 

SGM Finishing Mower

COSMO BULLY SGM Finishing Mowers are designed to groom lawn and grass areas professionally; three suction type blades turn at a high tip speed giving tender grass a fine, sharp cut.

Attached to the back of a 25 to 60hp tractor, the SGM Finishing Mower works efficiently to mow and maintain areas like private lawns, parks, hospital grounds, schools and golf courses.


The 60hp gearbox drives a double pulley that powers two B Series belts

The belts are configured in an overlapping triangular pattern that allows them to drive all three spindle pulleys. The spindle pulleys transfer power via the spindle shaft, to the blades

Rubber deck plugs provide easy access to the grease nipple in the top of the spindle shaft for lubrication

The gearbox mounting plate is slotted with an adjusting bolt that works as a belt tensioner


Three (3) double edge blades provide six (6) cutting surfaces

6mm thick, the high lift, stepped design rotate at high tip speed giving tender grass a sharp cut

Rear discharge ensures the cut matter is discharged promptly so blades can maintain speed and quality of cut

Cutting Height Adjustment


Four solid 360° rotation wheels allow the mower to follow the contour of the ground resulting in a precise and level cut in undulating conditions.


A fixed, anti-scalping roller is mounted on the front of the deck

Cutting height

Cutting height can be adjusted by adding or removing spacers on the caster wheel shafts, and an anti-scalping roller is standard.

20 – 110mm cutting height

Low cut height
Medium cut height
High cut height

3PL Information

Centrally mounted, bolt-on, Category 1 linkage

The top hitch point can move forward and back.  This ensures the mower floats over undulating ground maintaining a constant cut height

The lower hitch points are a double bolt design that allows the lower hitch pints to be extended to suit a wider range of tractors. This design also provides the operator with the option of fixed or floating lower hitch points.

  • When both bolts are fitted, the lower linkage is fixed
  • If the front bolt is removed the lower hitch points can float up and down, allowing the mower a greater range of movement on uneven ground


The bat-wing shaped deck increases maneuverability and directs debris downwards preventing the need for rear chains

Under the deck, a series of curved and straight deflectors create channels to assist with discharge and finish

Powder-coated finish

PTO & Protection

Series 4 PTO shaft

Standard with CE compliant guarding

Waterproof manual holder


Size reference1.5m | 5’0” | 60”1.8m | 6’0” | 72”2.1m | 7’0” | 84”
Tractor range (hp)25 – 6035 – 6045 – 60
Gearbox60hp, 540rpm60hp, 540rpm60hp, 540rpm
Overall width (mm)162019202220
Cutting width (mm)152018202120
Weight (kg)225250300

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