Hustler Applic8r Sprayer Range


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Applic8r Mounted Boom Sprayers

With the industry’s best warranty, unique best in class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile tanks, installation and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

APPLIC8R Spray Tanks

The Hustler Sprayer range features 3 spray tanks, the LX680, LX890 and LX1150. These models represent 680L, 890L and 1150L respectively. Fully customisable orders are available, and Tasmac keeps stock of all three sizes with variations in specification to ensure we have something for you. Read on further to learn about the various spray booms and GPS accessories.

• Large Comet BP 110 l/min, 3 diaphragm pump
• MixMaxTM unique Venturi agitation system (optional on Katipo 680)
• Computer designed tank for superior mixing

• Ultra low profile – 1100mm, 1300mm, and 1600mm tank heights for easy, safe filling from ground level
• Large 455mm lid with built-in spill catcher
• Integrated hand wash and toolbox
• CoupleupTM specially designed 2” Camlock quick coupling filter fitted standard – makes connecting and filling a breeze
• 3 Section manual control w/ pressure adjustment and PressureLockTM

• Valve options can be fitted fast with our NEW SlickFitTM system
• Adjustable valve mount for convenience
• Optional StorageboxTM foam marker cabin – simple to fit and doubles up as a chemical holder (when not using a foam marker)
• Optional QuickflushTM flush tank kit – simple to fit, 100L capacity

• 100×50 RHS chassis – the biggest in its class!
• Double clevis linkage plates
• SkidplateTM protects pump, filter and tank from hitting obstacles

• String dump valve
• Hose wrap
• Full length feet
• Galvanized finish
• Fantastic styling
• Easy tank flush

• Large suction filter
• Suits a wide range of booms
• VizigaugeTM wet tube level indicator, straight for easy visibility from 120 degrees
• Deep sump
• Easy height adjustment



  • New Zealand’s toughest manual folding boom
  • Nozzles are fully shielded
  • TaperLock pivot pins eliminate chances of wear
  • Antidrip nozzle bodies, with air induction tip
  • 6m and 8m booms available
  • Stainless steel nozzle lines
  • Breakaway protection
  • Includes 5m of 1/2” feed hose



  • Proven on Hustler’s boom thrasher to withstand 4 times more work than
  • the industry benchmark
  • Fully hydraulic folding, no need to manually fold end sections
  • Independently fold left or right booms
  • Nozzles are fully protected
  • Greasable main pivots
  • Antidrip nozzle bodies, with air induction tips
  • Stainless steel nozzle lines
  • Breakaway protection
  • Includes 5m of 1/2” feed hose
  • Choose between 10m and 12m boom
  • Optional auto level self levelling kit
  • Optional Hydra lift hydraulic boom height adjust


  • Full individual wing lift
  • Hydraulic lift – 1000mm of lift
  • AutoLevel – trapeze levelling system
  • Unique end-section suspension
  • In-line sectional filters – save time cleaning filters
  • Hydraulic boom dampening system
  • Armacote™ powder coat finish
  • Triple nozzles and nozzle bodies standard
  • Air induction nozzles come standard
  • 14m hydraulic folding boom

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