Hansa T20 Spreader


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Our Hansa T20 spreaders are built to be easy to use, reliable and durable.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, the T20 is built for durability. A grit blasted and 2 pack painted chassis ensures longevity and that return on investment of the T20 outperforms expectations.
  • The reliable design of the Southern Spreaders 760 chain conveyor feeds the spinners to produce a positive and consistent product feed of all materials in all conditions and terrain.
  • The T20 is built for comfort and ease of use, with hydraulic drawbar suspension for the best ride possible as standard and the option of an automatic door eliminating any need to get out to adjust settings meaning a long days spreading becomes a pleasure.
  • Simply Plug and play, the Hansa ISOBUS control system is compatible with all ISOBUS compliant terminals and is variable rate ready as standard. This allows the operator to move the spreader from one machine to another with ease and no setup changes.


Max Payload25000kg
Spread WidthUREA 36mm/SSP 50m
Water Line15000L
Tare Weight7300kg
Loading Height3100mm
UREA Capacity15000kg
LIME Capacity25000kg
Bin Length5950mm
Overall Length8900mm
Bin Width2400mm
Standard Wheel Track2500mm
Conveyor Width750mm
Oil Flow160L/min
Warranty12 months

To find out more about the T20 Hansa Spreader, click the ‘contact us’ button below.

*All information supplied by Hansa Equipment

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