FMR Xtrem Multi Tool Carrier


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A heavy duty tool carrier for the professional operator the Xtrem provides multiple functions – mowing, sweeping and cultivating. Built of reinforced high resistance steel with anti-friction plastic components that negate the need for grease and reduce maintenance. The chassis assembly works to absorb maximum impact for durability and long life.

Numerous options are available that allow you to construct a machine customised to your specific requirements.

Xtrem with Bahr Attachments

Check out the above image which shows a Rear Mount Xtrem with a BAHR Rotary Hoe and Finger Weeder setup, which is similar to equipment we recently installed for a valued vineyard on the banks of the Tamar River.

Front mount Xtrem with snake sweeper:

Xtrem with Sweeper

Front mount Xtrem with snake weeder:

Front Mount Xtrem with Snake Weeder

Rear mount Xtrem (independent oil) with mower discs

Xtrem with Mower Discs

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