FMR O3 Multi-row Orchard Sprayer


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The latest development from FMR Group – The FMR O3 Multi-row Orchard Sprayer offers an array of innovative features to satisfy the needs of the modern orchardist including:

  • Tangential fan technology offers a perfectly even ‘curtain’ of air from top to bottom, allowing the application to be perfectly matched to the target tree canopy, delivering sprays precisely to the target not beyond it.
  • Multi-row boom system allows spraying of two complete rows plus two half rows at a single pass
  • Hydraulic boom control allows positioning of fans for varying row widths to be adjusted from the cab at touch of a button.
  • Pivoting Tower system allows the entire tower to be folded hydraulically for road transport and shed storage.
  • Independent hydraulic system including an integrated powerpack which drives the delivery pump and tangential fans and can operate on bio oil on request.
  • Custom fibreglass tank with 3000lt capacity and a built-in 200lt fresh water tank for system flushing and handwash.
  • High-flow Centrifugal pump with 400lt/min capacity allows dilute spraying at normal ground speeds.
  • Pump, valves, flow meter, electrics and electronics all protected from elements and spray under a nosecone hood for reliability and ease of service access.
  • Simple, easy to use Auto rate control system from Arag including GPS speed sensor for accuracy and reliability.

Check out the below video to see the 3 row O-series in action:

Optional features include:

  • Minimise drift with new fan speed control system that allows the operator to adjust left and right fan speeds independently to compensate for wind then ‘flip’ the system with a single when returning in the other direction.
  • Maximise stability and operator ride comfort whilst minimising compaction with the new track system in place of wheels
  • Isobus control system connects seamlessly with any isobus equipped tractor, allowing remote monitoring, GPS ‘proof of placement’ data and integration with tractor management systems. 

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