FMR Gladiator Double Rotor Mower


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Heavy duty construction for heavy duty performance, the Gladiator is built of 8mm Domex, with replaceable 8mm Hardox skids.

Standard with Comer gearboxes delivering blade rotation of 1500rpm, front and back 200mm rollers, and
independent suspension system for wheels and rollers to ensure peak performance in uneven ground.  

Your benefits

  •  reduced costs by minimising or removing need for herbicides
  • weed & vegetation control in all weather conditions
  • improved soil health & structure
  • increased plant nutrition 
  • Fling’ blades on a carrier of over 30mm thickness
  • Comer gearboxes, linked by a security transmission system, delivering blade rotation of 1500rpm for best cut at maximum speed
  • The front and back rollers 200mm in diameter
  • Suspension is provided to each wheel and roller using cylinders, all of which are connected by a membrane accumulator with closed oil system, to absorb unevenness of the ground
  • Linked chain protection system to minimise damage

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