Crendon Netwizz Hi-lift Swivel Mast Auto Tension


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Crendon NetWizz Hi-Lift Swivel Mast Auto Tension

“NetWizz High Lift Swivel Head Auto Tension” is a machine for applying and removing Bird, Hail & Exclusion netting for orchards and anywhere crop cover is required. Netting is wound onto a simple spindle in an inter-woven pattern like a roll of twine.

This model is ideal for applying netting over fruit trees – single & two row (pictured covering single row, with mast offset 30º)

This mast incorporates a lot of the same features as the High Lift mast:-

Key Benefits

  • Automatic speed and netting tension
  • Fast, safe removal of netting without tears
  • Netting wound tight on steel spindles
  • Very compact & safe design
  • For single and two row netting
  • Self loading and unloading of netting rolls
  • Swivel head aligns arms with tree row for easiest application of netting
  • Shear bolt protection which prevents damage to the arms or mast if hit by an object.
  • Mast assembly rotates a full 360º and can be pinned at 45º and 15º intervals.
  • Mast has three length settings and is quick, simple and safe to alter.
  • Each arm is telescopic, adjustable in length and easily folded up then pinned against the mast for transport
  • Mast can be easily fitted to any existing NetWizz Std & High Lift Auto Tension model.

Fast, safe removal of netting without tears

If netting gets caught the sensor automatically stops the spindle, preventing tears . The sensor automatically adjusts the spindle and wand speed to maintain a constant incoming net tension.

This unique sensor system (with rollers) greatly prolongs the life of netting.

Netting tension remains constant, no matter what size roll is being wound up or the tractor’s ground speed.

Automatic speed and netting tension

Netting tension is easily adjusted (by turning a screw) to suit different strength nets. Once the tension has been set to suit the netting there is no need to adjust it again.

All the tractor driver has to do is drive down the row and stop only if the netting becomes caught up on the tree. No controls need to be adjusted while driving (retrieving or applying netting)

Shear bolt protection for top loop & mast

The NetWizz mast incorporates a shear bolt assembly which breaks a small bolt, preventing the top loop and mast from damage. To work around power poles, trees and for transport the top loop easily rotates and is self locking in 24 positions

Swivel Head

NetWizz top arms can be set at a width of 3.5m as shown below through to 9.5m wide .

The head arms swivel from side to side “A&B” (including the centre eye behind “C”) – either 30º or 45º. This allows the netting to be positioned directly over the tree row enabling easy application and removal of the netting when doing single rows. When retrieving, the end galvanised pipes “A” are swung around 180º which provides a different shape to the top arms for easy net removal from trees.

When positioning this eye from either the right hand or left hand row, all that is required is to rotate the mast until the pin re-locks. This is either at 30º or 45º off-set from the tractor. Then remove two pins from the swivel head “B” and rotate the entire assembly to either 30º or 45º off-set back so that the arms are parallel to the row. There is an automatic stop at 45º each way and the rear extension eye behind these arms is permanently pinned square to the arms.

When applying netting to two rows, this whole swivel head “B” is positioned centrally and telescopic extension arms are fitted enabling a top width of up to 9.5m for easy application or removal of netting over two orchard rows.

The bottom mast loop “D” can be set to two heights. (1) With the eye adjacent to the mast, which is the standard setting used in vineyards and small trees. (2) With the eye extended in height (as shown left) used when applying netting over trees to prevent the netting from catching the tree on the way up.

Self loading and unloading of netting rolls

Full spindles are loaded using the tractor’s 3PL. The tractor is simply reversed into the roll, with the aid of self-locating guides, then raised with the linkage. If required, an extra roll of netting can be carried on the two arms which slide out.

In its standard narrow setting (shown above), the larger roll is 15m wide x 300m long, the smaller being 10m wide x 100m long both on 1.1m long spindles.

The steel spindles protrude from the end of the roll enabling easy safe mechanical handling.

NetWizz frame is adjustable in width to handle very large rolls of netting.

Netting wound tight on steel spindles

Netting is stored from the vine on square steel spindles and end covers are fitted when in use. These covers have high sides and large sealed ball bearings for easy operation.

New netting supplied in bags or on narrow rolls can be applied straight over the vine with the NetWizz without the need to first wind onto spindles.

The NetWizz comes with 8 spindles which are stored in the holder. These spindles are 50mm square x 1.6mm thick, being 1.1m long for standard setting and 1.4m for the wide setting.

Controlled net unrolling tension

When feeding out netting to cover the vines, the spindle hydraulic drive is simply disengaged which allows the net to unroll. A brake can be lowered onto the roll, allowing it to unroll at a set light tension regardless of diameter and also prevents over-run.

For single and two row cover netting

The NetWizz is a fully proven market leader. Safely handling different types and widths of netting.

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