Aitchison Grassfarmer Tine Drills


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Model: 3008, 3014C, 3018C

The Aitchison Grassfarmer® makes reseeding or renovating pastures that much easier.


  • Aitchison’s 3000 series Grassfarmer® is one of the world’s most popular seed drills, specifically aimed at making even lighter work of reseeding or renovating existing pastures, and cultivated soils.
  • These lower cost economy linkage models are ideal for first time “zero-tillers”.   With a low horsepower requirement, the highly dependable Grassfarmer® is engineered to exceed your expectations.  The unique Aitchison® sponge seed distribution system is gentle and accurate and will  sow most seeds in almost any condition at rates ranging from as low as 1kg/ha (0.9lbs/acre) and up to 350kg/ha (311lbs/acre).
  • Ni-hard knock on/off Aitchison inverted “T” boots with Tungsten tips fitted are standard to all tine drill models.

3000 Series Grassfarmer Tine Drills Specifications

Overall Width1200 mm (4 ft)2720 mm (8 ft 11 in)3320 mm (10 ft 11 in)
Overall Height1500 mm (4 ft 11 in)1500 mm (4 ft 11 in)1500 mm (4 ft 11 in)
Overall Length1950 mm (6 ft 5 in)2300 mm (7 ft 6 in)2300 mm (7 ft 6 in)
Weight Empty330 kg (728 lb)525 kg (1158 lb)915 kg (2018 lb)
Seed Hopper Capacity130 ltr (3.6 bu)280 ltr (7.9 bu)365 ltr (10.1 bu)
Sowing Width1.2 m (4 ft)2.1 m (6 ft 11 in)2.7 m (8 ft 10 in)
No of tines8 tines14 tines18 tines
coulter disc bar assemblyNot availableIncludedIncluded
No of coulters14 coulters18 coulters
Row Spacing150 mm (6 in)150 mm (6 in)150 mm (6 in)

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