Aitchison Agrispred ATV Speaders


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If your fertiliser or magnesium spreader needs to be hassle-free, robust and truly well designed, look no further than the quality Aitchison® Agrispred® lineup.

Agrispred ATV Speaders Details

They will rise to the occasion and won’t let you down.

The Aitchison® Agrispred® range of spreaders all feature fully galvanised frames, UV stable hoppers and marine grade stainless steel aperture and spreading components.

Our Aitchison® Agrispred® range has been developed from more than 45 years of experience in the field working with farmers and contractors.

With five ATV models and one tractor model in the Aitchison® Agrispred® range there will no doubt be a model to suit your needs.


  • Dual height settings for drawbar ensures level spreading at all times
  • Stainless steel aperture and spinning discs
  • Hoppers are supported by a full cradle
  • Swivel tow hitch standard for safety
  • Adjustable spreading fins for flexible spread
  • trouble-free clutch mechanism


Hopper capacity90 ltr460 ltr660 ltr460 ltr660 ltr
Urea capacity (kg) appx.350 kg500 kg350 kg500 kg
Spreading width appx.4 meters18 meters18 meters18 meters18 meters
Height130 cm140 cm160 cm140 cm160 cm
Stainless steel aperture & disc
Fixed hinged lid
Adjustable fins
Galvanised frame
Swivel tow hitch
Height adjustable towbar
Clutch mechanism
Pin engagement
Electronic actuator

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