Massey Ferguson 7700 Series

“A new range of Massey Ferguson tractors that are unparalleled to any other and bring a whole new meaning to the term winning design”.

Massey Ferguson have just released the new MF 7700 series tractors which are built on the highly successful and award winning MF 7600 series. The new range provides an outstanding choice of highly productive, straightforward and dependable tractors.

A total of eight models offer maximum powers of 140hp to 255hp, providing a choice of three transmissions and two levels of specification. Engine Power Management (EPM), which provides up to 25hp extra power, is standard on all models taking maximum power to 280hp on the flagship MF 7726 model.

“The MF 7700 Series continues Massey Ferguson’s drive to develop dependable, straightforward, low maintenance tractors that provide efficiencies across all farming operations,” says Michael Partridge, General Marketing Manager – Tractors.
“These new tractors benefit from the excellent pedigree established by the MF 7600 Series which won Machine of the Year, Tractor of the Year Golden Design Award as well as Gold Medals and numerous accolades across Europe. It has also established a proven track record and gained strong respect from customers,” he adds.

Massey Ferguson has further refined this winning design and added new features that boost comfort and control, leading to even greater performance and productivity to further reduce overall ownership costs.

Straightforward economic power

In 2008, Massey Ferguson was the first tractor manufacturer to introduce Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), recognised as the most straightforward, reliable and economic method of achieving increasingly strict emission regulations.
The MF 7700 Series tractors continue to be powered by six cylinder, AGCO POWER 6.6 litre and 7.4 litre engines, equipped with the latest SCR technology, which remains maintenance free. There is no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Larger catalysers remove more pollutants, but remain contained neatly within the same-sized enclosure, retaining the same excellent forward visibility.

Engine Power Management (EPM) provides up to an extra 25hp to improve efficiency and performance on the road and in the field. This is standard on all models, including those equipped with DynaVT transmission.
The Engines feature a new Engine Control Unit (ECU), with higher fuel injection pressure, an electronically controlled wastegate turbocharger and a new throttle valve.

Unrivalled transmission choice

The MF 7700 Series offers an unrivalled choice of transmissions which are perfectly matched to the engines and transmit more power to the wheels for maximum output.

The slick, easy to use Dyna-VT is available across the range from the MF 7715 upwards. Dyna-VT provides stepless speed changes and allows operators to select any combination of engine speed and forward speed to optimise output and the work quality. Engine revs can be set for the precise combination of power and torque required for the best work quality, resulting in optimum fuel economy and lower noise.

While offering the ultimate in sophisticated transmission operation, the Dyna-VT retains the familiar Power Control lever on the left of the dashboard, under the steering wheel, which is a feature on all tractors, regardless of transmission.
The rugged and well proven Dyna-6 transmission provides clutchless operation of six speeds in four ranges providing a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

Economy is further improved by the Super Eco Dyna-6 transmission for the MF 7720 to MF 7726 models, which provides 40km/hr achieved at a remarkably low 1,500 engine rpm.

The highly efficient Dyna-4 transmission is standard on the MF 7714 and an option on the MF 7715 tractors, offering 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift (powershift) speeds in four ranges, allowing road speeds of 40km/hr to be reached at an economical 1,880rpm. Electro-hydraulic control also provides clutchless range changes.
All models with Dyna-VT transmissions are equipped with a four-speed PTO system providing of 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000E speeds.

A brake-activated neutral feature is standard on all the transmissions, simultaneously operating the clutch as the brake is pressed – easing the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience, particularly in loader operations.

New dependable front axle suspension

Massey Ferguson has designed and built a new front axle suspension system specifically for the MF 7700 Series to further boost operator comfort as well as increase dependability. Completely maintenance free, the suspension employs double acting rams, which provide 30% more travel than previous designs.

The rams are attached directly to the axle and the front axle support. This straightforward set-up, without any complex linkages, combines comfort with reliable operation. At the same time it also increases manoeuvrability.

The new MF 7700 series tractors have been designed with the power and flexibility to handle any job. If you are interested in knowing more about this series then please contact your local branch.


All information provided by AGCO Australia