Kubota’s Game-Changing M7-1 Series Tractor Line

M7 high horse power tractor

Highest-Horsepower Kubota Tractor Line-Up Debuts Powerful Performance and Intelligent Controls for Smart and Efficient Precision Farming

Kubota debuts M7-1 Series mid-range tractor line, highest horsepower to-date.

Melbourne, Australia. At the annual Kubota Dealer Conference in Melbourne, Kubota Tractor Australia P/L launched its highly-anticipated M7-1 Series tractor line, embarking on a new era by breaking into the commercial livestock, mixed farming and row-crop production markets. Available at select dealerships from 2016, the M7-1 Series is the largest horsepower offering from Kubota to-date and includes three new mid-range tractor models: the M7131, M7151 and M7171, in the 130 to 170 engine horsepower range. The new line of workhorse tractor models features powerful performance, easy operation, technological advances, sophisticated styling, and best-in-class base weight, making it a top choice for row-crop, commercial livestock and hay market customers.

“Kubota is always looking forward, increasing our competitive know-how, and expanding our product offerings to meet the demands of our current and prospective customer base,” said Malcolm Owens, General Manager Marketing and Sales. “With the M7-1 Series, we are bringing more than 40 years of engineering prowess to the field with a built from the ground up machine, designed with intuitive technology that makes precision farming possible for Kubota customers.”

Exceptionally Clean, Uncompromisingly Powerful Kubota Diesel Engines

Kubota’s M7-1 Series boasts a powerful V6108 Kubota turbocharged diesel engine, the very latest in clean air engine technology, with an innovative Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) that transforms harmful exhaust gases into water vapour and nitrogen. The Common Rail System (CRS) on the M7-1 Series electronically controls the timing and amount of high-pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion, which results in greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Additionally, with Kubota’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, the Kubota M7 Series exceeds Tier 4 final emissions regulations.

Our engineers constantly strive to lower emissions and improve fuel efficiency,” said Owens. “For the new M7 Series, we created an exceptionally clean-running, yet uncompromisingly powerful mid-range agricultural tractor.

Available on the M7131, M7151 and M7171 Premium models, is the all new Closed Center Load Sensing hydraulic system and 110” bar axles, a first for Kubota. The line will feature a 24 x 24 speed semi-powershift transmission or the Kubota Variable Transmission (KVT) that virtually provides an infinite number of forward and reverse speeds, allowing operators to work at the optimal speed for a wide variety of jobs. Highly responsive and reliable, the KVT transmission features dynamic braking, or engine-assisted deceleration, to help maintain control and a constant traveling speed while on descending slopes.
Additionally, the M7-1 Series features optional front suspension to help ensure stable and precise operation, giving the tractor the ability to keep power to the ground and maintain proper traction during changing soil and terrain conditions. Front suspension helps realize fuel savings, increases productivity and efficiency, and minimizes wear and tear on the tractor.

Expertly Engineered for Versatility

Kubota engineered the new M7-1 Series to be highly versatile, allowing the operator to easily switch between jobs and functions. The Kubota M7-1 Series offers the LM2605 mechanical self-leveling front end loader. The LM2605 provides best-in-class lifting performance and features a Kubota-first Z-Bar self-leveling linkage to ensure a clear view over the top of the loader boom. An operator can quickly and simultaneously attach and detach all six hydraulic hoses using Kubota’s quick coupler, making installing or uninstalling the front end loader a snap. A standard third function valve allows operators to work with a grapple bucket and other hydraulically controlled attachments, and the valve is controlled by a single switch conveniently located on the joystick grip.
Kubota’s 4-speed live-independent PTO, ranging from 102 to 142 horsepower, gives operators the ability to utilize a wide range of rear mounted implements, making the new M7 Series adaptable enough to handle any farm job. The independent PTO can be engaged and disengaged without stopping the tractor, using a single control switch with automatic modulation for smooth engagement. The M7 also offers optional front PTO, allowing two PTO implements to be running at the same time for even greater versatility and productivity.

Raising the Standard for Precision and Control

Precision farming is now possible for Kubota customers with the new M7 Premium models, from its all-in-one ISOBUS management system with auto guidance to its easy-to-use, touch-screen performance monitor. The premium tractor series is designed to streamline and enhance operations with the all new arm rest control center. Providing the convenience of fully-automated operations, the M7-1 Series’ headland management system works with implements to provide customizable programs, and make operation a breeze with fingertip control. With the ISOBUS monitor and connector-compatible implements via its universal plug, there is no need for special wiring.

The all-in-one terminal on the Premium and Premium KVT models display the functions on a single large touch screen, and an optional, built-in, auto-guidance system gives the machine the ability to track its own movements, displaying maps and information on the terminal so operators are fully aware and in control of the job at hand.

More Comfortable Room with a View

The M7-1 Series boasts a wide cab that is designed to keep operators comfortable and working efficiently during long days on the farm. With just four corner posts and no center pillars, the view from the cab out of the front, rear and sides is virtually unobstructed. The cab design also reduces outside noise to a minimum, so operators can work in peace and comfort all day long. The M7-1 Series cab is available with a choice of mechanical or air ride suspension systems, taking the bumps out of the ride to keep drivers comfortable and productive.
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