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If you attended our Agfest site this year, then you would have seen we had Fendt’s biggest, most powerful and most technologically advanced tractor on display. The Fendt 1000 series rolled off the production line in December 2017, with 4 models (1038 Vario, 1042 Vario, 1046 Vario, 1050 Vario) and is a compact standard high-horsepower tractor ranging from 380 – 500. It has received outstanding reviews all round.

The Fendt 1000 has several features that make it stand out from the rest of the high horsepower tractors in the market. All components within the Fendt 1000 series were designed to endure power with all demanding operations and has been coordinated for high power transmission with the lowest consumption. It also impresses users with its high maneuverability, low vehicle weight and high payload. The Fendt 1000 is also regarded highly for its low fuel consumption; ‘high torque, low consumption’ is the principle under which all vehicle components, such as the engine, transmission, fans, hydraulics and all consumers were designed for ideal speeds.

Stuart Claridge our Total Ag Fendt Product Specialist has been working closely with the Fendt product for 20 plus years beginning on the service team, now on sales. “I am excited of the potential this machine offers within the Tasmanian farming demographic”. Stuart says “With the further development of the Vario transmission it now enables a variable four-wheel drive system which freely distributes torque to axels under all conditions. This with the flexible wheel options enables a greater range of farm applications from heavy linkage work, to transport applications”.

The versatility of the machine ranges from standard transport work to heavy PTO work such as chopping wood and heavy draft work. Making it the perfect tractor to suit all operations within Tasmania.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fendt products click here or call Stuart Claridge on 0408 369 096.