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We all know that there is nothing quite like good Aussie beef that has been grass fed and prepared and cooked well.

Jess Pryles is Melbourne born and now lives in Texas in the states promoting her own image as the ‘Hardcore Carnivore’. She is a cook, author and television personality whose speciality is red meat and she specifically can’t speak higher enough about Australian beef.  When she was younger she found she had a real love for meat and this developed an interest in finding out more about where the meat comes from and the process of going from farm to plate.

She recognises she has a unique career and is the first to admit she came from humble beginnings. She says,”‘I used to be one of those people who stood in the meat department at the grocery store overwhelmed by the selection. So I decided to change all that” She spent years doing her own research and travelling around meeting with anyone and everyone she could in the red meat industry.

“I always loved a lamb roast – I’m only human – and as I got older, beef steaks were my favourite”, she says.

She travelled to Texas and fell in love with the flavours used in cooking and the different techniques involved like slow barbecuing, smoking, searing etc. Her website receives up to 300,000 visitors a month on average which are mostly people checking out the great recipes she puts up each week. Since moving to Texas she has released a book called Hardcore Carnivore – Cook Meat Like You Mean It.

“I publish so many recipes on the website but was definitely holding back on some special ones hoping for a book one day.”

“It’s a meat lovers bible – a combination of methods, info and over 100 recipes,” she says.

She is passionate about seeing people feel more confident about the meat they are purchasing and preparing it to a standard like you would get from a restaurant.

She says she has really seen an increase in America in demand for grass-fed beef.

“The genetics in the US dictate much larger beasts and the majority of product available in grocery stores is grain fed,” she said.

“Australia has superior grass-fed product for sure, and also better access to it. It’s so easy for Aussie consumers to get their hands on some really nice grass-fed stuff – finished with a generous amount of marbling. After all, fat is flavour.”

She believes that “Australia can’t really compete in the US with the grain fed product but I’d love to see premium Aussie grass-fed and Wagyu product really start to take off here.”

According to Farmhouse Direct, the majority of Australian beef is grass fed. Grass-fed beef has a far better omega 6 and omega 3 ratio and far more vitamins & minerals than grain fed beef. Many also agree that the flavour of the grass-fed beef is much nicer.

People like Jess Pryles who are using social media to educate people on the agricultural industry are helping especially young people to understand the industry and become more passionate about it.

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Quotes taken from Jess and Farm Online article.