Croplands Quantum Smart Spray Vineyard Sprayer


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The Quantum™  Smart Spray is the premium model in the Croplands vineyard sprayer line-up.

Available in two and three-row configurations, the Quantum Smart Spray is packed with new technology and innovation to take your grape spraying to the next level.



Individual QM-420 fans, hydraulically driven from tractor hydraulics or via optional Micro Power Pack. Dual spray ring allows for three-tier spray rate solution (low, medium, and high), adjustable from the cab via the Fusion Controller as well as upwind/downwind fan speed compensation – an extremely effective system for improving spray coverage and minimising off-target spray.

QM-420 fans, turbulent, high volume air


Specially-designed fan frame system offers added protection and allows for precise, simple fan position settings.


Premium heavy-duty boom with parallelogram folding design. Position sensors control boom width via in-cab Fusion controller. Unique mounting bracket design allows fitting for 3-row outer fan frame or optional 2-row drift reduction/recapture system.

Quantum Smart Spray Two Row


  • AR-185 LFP as standard for 8 and 12 fan models.
  • AR-250 LFP as standard for 18 fan and recapture kit models.
PumpOpen FlowMax PressureMax RPMWeightHP Required
AR25225 L/min25 bar6504kg1.45
AR7072 L/min20 bar55011.8kg 3.4
AR80LFP76 L/min20 bar55014kg 3.4
AR115114 L/min 20 bar55015.5kg 5.5
AR140LFP132 L/min15 bar55016kg 5.2
AR160LFP166 L/min15 bar55025kg6.8
AR185LFP182 L/min15 bar55025kg7.4
AR250254 L/min20 bar55035.8kg11.4
AR275LFP273 L/min15 bar55045kg10.7


Control sprayer and hydraulic functions through a single platform with the Fusion controller featuring full colour touch screen and integrated joystick. CANBUS technology with onboard diagnostics minimises downtime and is easily upgraded via simple software updates.


10 x nozzles per QM-420 mm fan, available in 80, 60 and 40-degree options.


High impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene tanks fitted with seperate flushing and fresh water tanks. Available in 2000L, 3000L and 4000L models.


Hot-dipped galvanised chassis with single step. Self-steer draw bar and tandem walking beam axles standard on all models. Optional flotation tyres for low compaction solution.


Optional system best suited to 2-row, cool climate vineyard operations. Improves vineyard spraying efficiency and minimises off-target spray drift, especially during dormancy and early season sprays. Dual screens reduce trash build up with recaptured spray being filtered prior to returning to the spray tank.


Compact, self-contained hydraulic oil supply system designed to drive QM-420 fans independent to the tractor hydraulic system. Improves tractor efficiency and allows smaller model tractors to power Quantum Smart Spray models. Equipped with a safety cut off switch, the MPP shuts down if the oil level drops. Optional biodegradable oil.

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