Massey Ferguson TH Series Telehandler

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Handle jobs effortlessly and efficiently with Massey Fergsuon’s TH 7038 telehandler. Get more lift height, a longer reach and the ability to lift heavier payloads in a wide variety of applications around the farm. Massey Ferguson’s TH 7038 telehandler is now upgraded with a number of new features to further improve productivity, ease of use and efficiency.

Power and comfort are essential and this telehandler boasts impressive capabilities, whether you are moving bales or shifting feed. The TH 7038 also excels in loader operations where hydraulic flow is provided, as well as application requiring road transport with 40 km/h road speed. This new model also offers essential and unbeatable visibility thanks to the new cab and the new engine basket design that allows the operator to work unhindered and in complete safety.

Available Models In Australia

MF TH.703873,800190130Hydrostatic


  • 1) Quick hydraulic couplers. For fast, efficient and easy change of equipment with New Electric line on Boom for
    4th and 5th electric function (optional) – see details p.8-9
  • 2) Smart and powerful hydraulics. All models are fitted as standard with a load sensing valve block. Multiple functions can be done at the same time. Now with 190 L/min CCLS oil flow
  • 3) Unbeatable lift capacity. From the high strength boom – with 7.0 m high and 3,800 kg (vs 3,500 kg on the
    previous MF 9000 range)
  • 4) Efficient boom suspension and Cushion Retract. Boom suspension is available as an option on all models for maximum comfort in transport conditions. Cushion Retract is available as standard on all models for more comfort to the operator allowing the boom to retract smoothly by a reduced/controlled speed
  • 5) Unbeatable comfort and visibility. The MF TH Series cab environment is equipped/fitted with the highest levels of comfort and controls, with maximum all-round visibility thanks to the curved shape of the cab and the new lowest engine bonnet design
  • 6) New powerful and fuel efficient engines. 130 HP for more productivity and performance with less downtime and low cost of operation. Easy access for daily maintenance and an automatic fan inverter option for greater reliability and durability – see details p.10
  • 7) Three semi-automatic selectable steering modes. To provide optimum manoeuvrability in all operating conditions – see details p.4-5
  • 8) Four-speed (2 mechanical x 2 hydraulic) hydrostatic transmission. Offers simplicity, smooth operation and best in class precision
  • 9) Automatic Parking Brake. For increased safety and productivity

Maximum productivity, agility and manoeuvrability

The new Massey Ferguson Telehandler is nothing short of impressive. With an engine horsepower of
130 hp, it has the power and endurance to tackle the toughest jobs when you need it most. The MF TH 7038 is a serious performer that will prove to be invaluable around the farm. Speed, agility and strength are just some of the key benefits that make this the ideal multipurpose workmate in all kinds of farming operations. Handling jobs effortlessly and efficiently, the MF TH 7038 provides you with the optimum accessibility and manoeuvrability that you require. This machine also gives you more lift height, a longer reach and the ability to lift heavier payloads. With the right attachment, the MF TH 7038 can achieve outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications around the farm.

Boom and chassis design

The new, slender chassis with a shorter overall length ensures stability and excellent manoeuvrability when you need it the most, as well as reassuring durability in the heaviest agricultural operations. A lower boom pivot allows unobstructed visibility around the entire machine, for safer, more productive operation. Boom suspension is standard, which greatly increases operator comfort, for example, when towing a large trailer of straw at 40 km/h* during road transportation.

Steering functions

All models have three selectable steering modes, two-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab-steer to provide optimum manoeuvrability in all operating conditions.

Telehandler engine & maintenance

New 3.4L four-cylinder Tier 3 Final compliant Doosan engine which uses straightforward technology to give an environmentally friendly solution with no compromise. The side opening of the bonnet gives you wide, open access to the engine, air filter, cooling system and air conditioning system; providing quick service ability to all the major points. From ground level, you can easily lift the hood to check the engine and radiator. All routine engine, hydraulic and transmission service points are easily located for fast and simple maintenance, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Operator environment – productive, efficient and comfortable

Massey Ferguson cabins are renowned for excellence, and the MF TH 7038 follows that legacy. It’s something we work hard for, so you can sit and reap the benefits when days are long, in a very productive environment that blends comfort and quietness, with ease of use and quality. We know that a more productive operator will create more profit for his business. The new, curved shape cab design, the new engine bonnet lower profile and the low boom pivot point ensures unsurpassed visibility all around the machine, especially from the rear of the cab whilst working in tight and narrow spaces. An unobstructed view of front attachments ensures safe and precise loading and unloading, making it easier and safer to position bales or pallets at elevated working heights.

Intuitive controls thanks to the Multifunction Joystick

The new multifunction joystick is close to hand, ensuring efficiency, quick and easy operation and total productivity. A digital display screen located on the dashboard shows valuable information such as maximum speed and flow of hydraulics, job hours, vehicle or engine speed, boom angle, speed management and auxiliary hydraulics. The positioning of the joystick falls naturally to hand and incorporates all the main controls needed for operating the boom and attachments.

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