MF DM Butterfly Series

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Rear-Mounted Butterfly Mower Conditioners Models

  • MF DM 8312 TL-KC RC & MF DM 9314 TL-KC
  • Butterfly mower conditioners
  • 8.3 and 9.3 metres
  • Three-point linkage attachment
  • Hydro pneumatic suspension
  • SafetySwing anti-collision device
  • Mower units are mounted at their centre of gravity
  • Adapts very well to the ground contours
  • Reduced load on tractor lift arms
  • Trailed mower – pulling is easier than pushing
  • Soil conserving
  • Fuel saving
  • Constant, continuously variable ground surface pressure
  • Adaptable to a variety of conditions
  • • Each mower unit avoids obstructions independently
  • • Mower unit folds backwards and upwards
  • • Re-engagement into working position through its own weight
  • Contact pressure adjustable while driving
  • • Low ground impact
  • • No forage contamination
  • Free-floating cutting
  • • Gentle on turf sward
  • • Reduced forage contamination

Rear-mounted Butterfly
MF DM 8312 TL-KC RC & MF DM 9314 TL-KC

The MF DM 8312 rear-mounted 3PL butterfly disc mower with KC or RC tine rotor conditioner is a perfect companion to the front-mounted MF DM 306 FZ mower conditioner with trailing linkage. Working in tandem, the two provide a total cutting width of 8.27 m, allowing you to cover more ground faster. The MF DM 8312 features free-floating cutting, which reduces the load on the support frame, support tube and the 3-point linkage hitch. It allows for improved cutting quality on uneven ground thanks to itsTurboLift-system (TL), which enables hydro-pneumatic discharge and continuous adjustment of pressure on the cutter bar.
The MF DM 8312 TL-KC RC and MF DM 9314 TL-KC mower is also fitted with
impact SafetySwing protection, which can independently fold back and up around the slanting axle should an obstacle be hit.
If an incident occurs, the mower will return to its working position under its own weight, saving time without the need to reverse.
Both mowers feature one-lever operation for quick change at the headlands, making the transition from working to turning fast and simple.

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