MF 7600 Series

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Performance without Compromise

Combining intelligent technology with straightforward, rugged construction, these machines are designed to boost productivity, save fuel and reduce emissions. The 7600 series offers a heavy duty loader tractor from 140HP to 175HP. The choice of Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions and Efficient or Essential cab design gives you control over the build of your machine.


The 7600 series offers a heavy duty loader tractor from 140HP to 175HP. The choice of Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions with Engine Power Management (EPM) are simple to operate. All functions can be controlled without using the clutch pedal and information on range selection and powershift ratios is displayed on the dashboard.

Speedmatching is standard to ensure the most appropriate powershift ratio is automatically selected. Auto drive and Comfort Control are also standard.

Dyna-6 models come with ‘ECO Mode’ for maximum fuel and engine efficiency. Dyna-4 and 6 come with Engine Power Management (EPM) for continuous power delivery in various conditions and applications, increasing productivity whilst lowering fuel consumption.

Power, performance and economy

Reliable, powerful and fuel efficient Tier II AGCO Power engines drive
the MF7600 series, providing maximum productivity without compromise. Put less in and get more out.

The 4-valve, common rail AGCO POWER, Stage 2 compliant engine provides the ultimate in optimum power delivery, with the benefit of turbocharging and intercooling. Common rail technology ensures sufficient fuel is always available whatever the revs or load on the engine, maximising performance as the load changes.
Optimised performance across the rev range includes maximised power and minimal fuel consumption – meaning:
• Low engine noise, extremely smooth and efficient
• Very low specific fuel consumption across a wide rev range
• Low engine wear
• Exceptional power and torque maximises work rate

Intelligent engine management
All AGCO POWER engines feature the latest technology. The Electronic Engine Management (EEM) enables continuous adjustment of the amount and timing of fuel injected, in relation to engine speed and load.

Improved fuel economy
The Electronic Engine Management system constantly monitors a wide range of parameters and makes continual and incredibly fine adjustments to fuel injection.

Designed for pure economy
Many factors will determine real fuel consumption (l/h or l/ha) in the field and on the road, for example the efficiency of the transmission and hydraulics system. The MF7600 offers the operator overall efficiency from the range of transmissions to the exceptional linkage control and dynamic hydraulic systems. Low specific fuel consumption (192 g/ kW/h) ensures minimal costs and low consumption across a wide rpm range.

Power you can trust
These Stage 2 engines have a low engine speed rating of 2,100 rpm. This means that under full throttle the engine will rev to 2,100 rpm. Maximum power occurs at 1,950 rpm compared to the previous 2,000. High power and torque at low rpm ensures high performance, excellent fuel economy and low engine noise.

Torque you can rely on
AGCO POWER engines have excellent torque characteristics to ensure that MF7600 Series tractors keep going when conditions get more difficult. This means that the forward speed is maintained
and therefore output is maximised in all conditions.

Operator Environment

Essential is the base specification for the MF 7600 Series, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from Massey Ferguson, with a blend of simplicity, ease of use and versatility to fit needs that require power and performance without excess sophistication.

The right hand console on Essential models features a T-Lever transmission controller, hand throttle with engine speed memo A switch and linkage control. All of the main controls are at your fingertips for maximum convenience and control, whatever the operation. On the console you will also find spool valve and PTO controls.

The right hand pillar contains less frequently-used switches, working light controls and the ignition key.

Model Specifications

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