Croplands Mako Self-propelled Sprayer


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Get hooked on the lightweight agility with the Mako – the most compact self-propelled sprayer in the market. Ideal for tall broadleaf, cotton and row crop applications.

Small and agile, the Mako stays on top of the ground, making tight turns with ease. Featuring a 140 inch wheelbase and a narrow track width, the Mako boasts a compact 4.2 metre turning radius.

Its reliable all-mechanical powertrain makes offers plenty of horsepower, a quick response, fuel efficiency and high field speeds.

Minimal crop damage and soil compaction

The perfect combination of liquid capacity and machine weight to dramatically reduce soil compaction. Due to its lightweight design and equal weight distribution, the Mako performs exceptionally well, even in wet conditions. With its rigid, commercial grade frame and 1500 litre product tank, you’ll never compromise productivity either.

Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of agricultural application, the Mako’s 130 horsepower Cummins engine is paired with a custom cooling system resulting in a package that has more torque, more power and a better transient response than your typical 130 horsepower engine. Air cooled and turbocharged, the engine package is designed to go hard, even under heavy loads and tough applications.

To top it off, the Croplands Mako’s sprayer-specific cab is simple, spacious and comfortable.

Simple enough for first time applications, yet smart enough for the pros.

  • 1,500 litre product tank
  • 117cm of clearance
  • 203-274cm (80-108 in) adjustable width axles
  • Fuel efficient mechanical drive train
  • Tier 3 Cummins engine, 130hp
  • Allison 2100 RDS, automatic 5-speed transmission
  • 13.8ft (4.2m) turning radius

Mako Specifications


  • Cummins Tier III, 4 cylinder diesel 4.5L
  • 130HP engine @ 2500 rpm
  • Fuel/water separator
  • 140 amp alternator
  • 1000 cca single battery
  • Cruise control
  • 166L Fuel tank capacity
  • 11L Engine oil capacity


  • Automatic, Allison 2100 RDS transmission
  • 5-speeds forward
  • Mechanical drive
  • 35kph max. Transport/road speed
  • Dana Model 44-IC differential, 4.09:1 reduction
  • Drive shaft, double telescoping, 203-274cm (80-108in)


  • 1st: 7kph
  • 2nd: 12kph
  • 3rd: 16kph
  • 4th: 22kph
  • 5th: 35kph
  • Reverse: 5kph


  • Curved glass windshield with all glass door
  • Air suspension seat
  • Windshield washer
  • Dual purpose paper/charcoal cab filter
  • Night and general use interior dome lights
  • Till and telescoping steering with horn
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • AM/FM radio with CD player, 50W X 4 speakers, USB, MP3


  • 460 Controller with GPS speed sensor


  • 1,500 L polyethylene product tank
  • 2 in. (50mm) diameter quick fill
  • Engine mounted, belt drive Hypro centrifugal pump with electromagnetic clutch
  • Manual adjust with electric on/off agitation
  • 50-mesh screen filtration
  • ISO spray controller
  • ISO 5-section tip control
  • Electronically controlled spray manifolds, 5-section
  • 56 litre fresh water tank
  • 12 volt system


  • Hydraulic adjustable boom height: 21-76 in. (53-193cm) low setting and 37-92 in. (94-234cm) high setting
  • Hydraulic boom fold over with cushion cylinders
  • Hydraulic boom tip lift
  • 60/80ft (18/24m) boom, 5 section, 10in. off centre nozzle spacing, stainless lines and rotary triple nozzle bodies
  • Inner boom breakaway with shock absorber, auto. reset
  • Hydraulic breakaway for outer boom section with electric over hydraulic reset


  • Epoxy primed, urethane finish, rectangular tube steel gusset and plate-reinforced rigid box frame
  • Independent integral strut and spring front suspension with oscillating front axle
  • Independent knee action rear suspension with coil sprint
  • 139.9 in. (355cm) wheelbase
  • Frame construction: 5 x 3 x .3in. (13 x 18 x 1 cm) rectangular tube steel
  • Clearance: 46in. (117cm)
  • Wheelbase: 139.9in. (355cm)
  • Overall length 245in. (622cm)
  • Overall width: 108in. (274cm) top-fold boom tips, 112in. (285cm) side-fold boom tips
  • Overall height: 124in. (315cm)
  • Turning radius: 13.8ft (4.2m)
  • Toolbox


  • 15 litre hydraulic reservoir capacity
  • Open center hydraulic system
  • 15L/min engine driven gear pump


  • Front tyres and wheels: Fluid filled, 320/85R24
  • Rear tyres and wheels: 12.4R32 ILOS
  • Individual left and right power disc brakes
  • Front operated parking brake
  • Front Suspension: Independent spring suspension with oscillating front axle
  • Rear Suspension: Independent knee action suspension with coil spring and hydraulic shock

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