Land Pride Rotary Cutter RCF36 Series


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The RCF36 Series is the most durable and heavy duty rigid frame rotary cutter offered by Land Pride. Perfect for intensive users and contractors, the RCF36 series will stand up to the toughest conditions while maintaining a quality finish and uniform cut. Four sizes are available ranging from 6ft (1.8m) to 10ft (3m). The 6ft (1.8m) and 7ft (2.1m) models are single spindle machines with a 190hp gearbox rating. The 8ft (2.4m) and 10ft (3m) models are dual spindle machines with 210hp rated gearboxes. The Land Pride RCF36 Series will excel in many tasks including mowing heavy grass and weeds, row crop stubble, thick brush, and small trees. Cut capacity is 4″(102mm) on the single spindle models and 3″ (76mm) on the dual spindle models. The RCF36 has a smooth top design and offers a 2″ to 12″ cutting height range. Front and rear chain safety guards are included on all models.

Model Comparison

Working Width183 cm213 cm244 cm305 cm
Minimum HorsepowerN/AN/AN/AN/A
Maximum HorsepowerN/AN/AN/AN/A
Gearbox Rating190 hp190 hp210 hp210 hp
Cut CapacityN/AN/AN/AN/A
Weight606 kg907 kg834 kg1048 kg

Product Features

The RCF36 Series Rotary Cutters from Land Pride have a floating three point hitch and tail wheel as standard for exceptional cut quality on undulating ground. The hitch and tailwheel combination also reduce weight on the tractor and makes the machine very simple to operate. A dishpan is standard on all models which protects the gearbox and blade bar. Quickhitch compatibility further increases ease of use and a 5 year gearbox warranty provides excellent peace of mind for this main driveline component.

Quick-Hitch Compatible With Floating Top Link

Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement. This is a real time saver when working on multiple projects. The floating top link allows the cutter to follow undulating ground while maintaining cut height.

Gearbox Warranty

5 Year Limited Gearbox Warranty demonstrates our confidence in the gearbox’s quality and lasting performance.

Heavy Duty Tailwheel

A 4″ (102mm) x 15″ (381mm) tailwheel mounted on a heavy duty a 1/2″ (38mm) spindle ensures consistent cut height especially on undulating ground. The tailwheel also reduces weight on the tractor and prevents excessive wear on the cutters skid shoes. Dual Tailwheels are available as an option on most models.

Fully Welded Deck

The RCF36 series has a fully welded deck for additional strength and durability. The fully welded design allows this cutter to be exceptionally durable without being too heavy. The RCF3672 & RCF3684 deck is manufactured from 3/16″ (4.8m) steel while the RCF3696 & RCF3610 is 10 gauge (3.2mm) material.  The side skirts are made from 1/4″ (6.4mm) thick steel. Box tube supports engineered into the cutter body add further strength.


Min. Horsepower60 hp70 hp50 hp60 hp
Max. Horsepower190 hp190 hp130 hp130 hp
Gearbox Rating190 hp190 hp210 hp210 hp
PTO Speed540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm


Working Width183 cm213 cm244 cm305 cm
Overall Width199 cm230 cm262 cm321 cm
Overall Length317 cm330 cm269 cm310 cm
Min. Cutting Height50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm
Max. Cutting Height300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
Cutting Capacity – Diameter100 mm100 mm75 mm75 mm
Deck Thickness4.76 mm4.76 mm3.2 mm3.2 mm
Deck Height340 mm340 mm330 mm330 mm
Weight606 kg907 kg834 kg1048 kg


Blade Length100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
Blade Width13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm
Blade Tip Speed73 mps73 mps86.9 mps86.9 mps
Shredder KitOptionalOptionalN/AN/A

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