Kubota RTV-X1100 Diesel Cab Utility Vehicle

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Kubota’s factory integrated cab RTV-X1100 model is equipped with a 24.8 HP Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine, exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and standard 4-Wheel Drive.


  • 24.8HP Diesel Engine
    The Kubota RTV’s boast powerful liquid-cooled diesel engines for long and strenuous tasks. The 3 cylinder engines are quiet, powerful and bulletproof.
  • VHT-X  (Variable Hydraulic Transmission)
    Kubota has more experience in variable hydraulic transmissions than any other utility vehicle manufacturer. Kubota’s advanced VHT-X offers a wide torque band and large oil coolers that boost performance and durability.
  • Strong High-rigidity Frame
    The high-rigidity steel frame isolates the occupants from noise and vibrations. With structural strength that few in the industry can match, this durable frame can take years of punishment from heavy loads and rough terrain.
  • Two-speed In-line Shift
    Maintain better control and shift less often due to the new transmission gearing with just two forward speeds (high and low), neutral and reverse.
  • 20% Larger, Clog-resistant Radiator
    Under the hood you’ll find the radiator and air-intake located high and up front, where the air is cleaner and cooler. This improves both radiator performance and simplifies maintenance. Kubota’s wide fin pitch design minimizes clogging, further improving radiator performance.
  • Front & Rear Independent Suspension
    Regardless of the terrain or load, independent suspension on all four wheels ensures a truly exceptional ride. Kubota’s Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology also sets a new standard for durability.
  • Height-adjustable Front & Rear Suspension
    Whether you’ve got a heavy load or no load at all, adjustment of the front and rear suspension height will ensure the proper vehicle height for a smooth ride and optimum drive-ability.
  • High Ground Clearance
    The new X-series raises the bar on ground clearance to a full 263 mm with 205 mm of suspension travel, letting you glide over bumps rather than through them.
  • Limited-Slip Front Differential
    True 4-wheel drive with a limited-slip front differential and a locking rear differential help reduce wheel spin to a minimum, giving you greater control and a smoother ride on rough or muddy terrain.
  • Dynamic Braking
    You’ll feel more secure, especially when traveling down long inclines, knowing that dynamic braking is providing additional braking power and greater drive control.
  • CV Joint Protectors and Skid Plates
    Obstacles on the trail? CV joint protectors and heavy-duty skid plates will protect the most critical parts of the engine and transmission.

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