Kubota M5091/M5101 Narrow ROPS & CAB Tractors

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Mid-range M5 tractor series now available in ROPS

Kubota has announced the arrival of its M5-1 ROPS (Roll-over protective structures) series tractors that the company said will offer Australian farmers more horsepower, choices and versatility. The new line-up includes the and M5091 (90HP) and M5101 (100HP) Narrow.

Like its cabin counterparts, the ROPS units feature Kubota’s V3800 CR Tier 4i engine with four cylinders, 3.81-litres displacement, turbocharging, common rail and a particulate filter.

The M5-1 Narrow’s transmission features dual speed splitters to offer 36 speeds for a multitude of applications in orchards and vineyards.

“We’re excited to bring the M5-1 ROPS model to Australia. Its advanced simplicity allows for easy movement and short height increases its practicality,” said Kubota Australia Senior Product Manager for Tractors and Precision Farming, Konstantin Blersch.

“The ROPS model allows the operator to stay in contact with workers around the tractor while remaining seated at all times.

“The higher horsepower at lower speed in the M5-1 ROPS also means greater fuel efficiency and will ensure it gets the operator through a long day of work.”


The Specialist

You can depend on the M5001 Series Narrow Model tractors for outstanding performance and year-round comfort. The performance begins with a reliable and efficient Kubota engine that can power through even the toughest tasks with ease and speed. There’s plenty of power for PTO-driven implements, as well as convenient electronic speed control to keep those implements operating at optimum efficiency. A fully synchronized transmission and an advanced hydraulic shuttle for shifting between forward and reverse simplifies tractor operations.

To work in the confines of orchards and vineyards, you need a special kind of tractor, one that’s narrow, with high ground clearance and excellent stability. The M5001N Series are just that kind of tractor. Just 48” wide, the M5001N Series can go where standard-width tractors can’t, letting you work with spreaders, sprayers, trimmers, leaf removers, and more in the tight spaces between rows of trees and vines. The ability to turn tightly from one row to the next ensures the productivity you expect.


Performance- driven technology

The power behind the M5001 Series’ superior performance and efficiency comes from advanced Kubota-built diesel engines. These rugged engines also offer cleaner emissions, quieter operation, and greater fuel efficiency.

Constant RPM Management

The M5001 Series engines feature a new electronic governor that gives you electronic control of engine RPM. Activating the system keeps engine revolution constant, preventing drops in PTO speed and enabling stable operation. It makes working with PTO-driven implements much more efficient.

Improved torque and fuel consumption

The M5001 Series engines run at lower engine speeds without any loss of performance, thanks to improved torque and performance settings. Lower engine speeds also mean quieter operation, less engine wear, and greater fuel efficiency.


In the right gear

Whatever the task, there’s a gear that will get it done. The M5001 Narrow Series offers 36 speeds — forward and reverse — with Dual Speed technology, ensuring that you are always working efficiently.

Fully synchronized transmission with single shift lever

A single shift lever makes shifting between gears smooth, simple, and direct. Whether you’re
traveling quickly between jobs or moving slowly in a specialty crop, the M5001 Series’ transmission offers the optimum gear for the task.

Over Drive

The Over Drive function keeps the engine revolutions at around 2000 rpm during high speed driving for better fuel economy.

Electro Hydraulic shuttle

An electro-hydraulic shuttle lever lets you quickly and easily change directions without using the clutch. Simply flick the lever forward or backward, and the M5001 Series tractor instantly changes direction, smoothly and without stopping. The lever is located on the left side of the steering wheel for easy access. Faster, simpler direction changes means improved productivity.


Superior pump capacity

With hydraulics pump capacity of 69-litres per minute dedicated to linkage and remotes and with up to 5 remotes with mid-mount options, the M5 narrow will become the go-to tractor for the discerning viticultural and orchard operation.

Highly efficient PTO work

The independent PTO shaft runs at 540 rpm or 540 Eco rpm, letting you efficiently take on a wide range of tasks, from cutting grass to baling and spraying. The PTO shaft brake engages automatically whenever the PTO shaft is disengaged to safely stop implements.

The PTO shaft clutch can be engaged and disengaged electro-hydraulically while in operation, improving the efficiency of mowing and baling operations. The optional 1000 rpm retrofit kit adds another dimension to your tractor.

3-point linkage and hydraulic remotes

Strong enough to raise heavy implements, the M5001 Series’ rugged 3-point hitch also provides powerful lift capacity of 2300kg at link ends. External cylinders improve lift capacity and ensure easy maintenance.

Two standard auxiliary control valves can be supplemented with three additional hydraulic valves with flow control and mid-mount options.

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