Krone Varipack Plus Belt Baler


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The model highlights

The KRONE VariPack Plus is specifically designed for baling dry material. VariPack Plus combines straightforward engineering with high throughputs and densities.

The VariPack Plus bale chamber is formed of four endless belts. Made from rubber with two embedded fabric layers, these belts offer maximum flexibility and strength for maximum lifetime. The grippy material combines with the special surface design of the belts for excellent belt-crop contact and no slip for reliable machine performance

  • High-performance baler designed for dry material
  • Versatile – two models for two maximum bale Diameters
  • Variable – flexibility to set 0.80-1.65 /1.90 m diameters
  • Convenient – set bale diameters on the terminal
  • Camless EasyFlow pick-up with W-lined tine rows and a minimum of moving parts
  • Integral Rotor for maximum throughputs
  • Precision cutting system for smooth and precise cuts
  • Two drives for reliable bale starts and perfect shapes
  • Two cleaning rollers for automatic belt cleaning
  • Exceptionally high densities
  • Standard net roll chute for easy net Refills Auto controlled rear door and stroke end cushioned rams for fast unloading cycles
  • Automatic grease applicator and oil lubricator

Want to know more about this great new product? Give our team a call on 03 6424 1511 or press the enquire now button. If you would like a detailed run through of the machine, you can read the extensive article below supplied to us by Krone and check out the two videos.

The EasyFlow pick-up

  • Reliable and effective – 6 mm double tines arranged in a W-line and large-diameter Coils
  • A clean rake – 2.15 m pick-up for thorough and consistent rakes without losses
  • Durable and hard-wearing – few moving parts reduce wear to a Minimum

The EasyFlow pick-up pivots 70mm sideways and is renowned for persevering and diligent performance in the most difficult conditions and at high work rates. Thanks to its clutter-free build that relies on only very few moving parts, the unit stands out for minimum wear and maximum longevity.

KRONE had good reasons for opting against cam track controlled tines on the EasyFlow pick-up. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, EasyFlow has special strippers that ensure the tine angle is always right the length ideal. Measuring 6 mm in diameter and mounted with large coils, the tines are particularly vigorous and hard-wearing. The arrangement in a W-line also keeps the material from sliding towards the slope. The ideal distribution of the crop across the rotor also ensures clean cuts. Narrowly spaced at 55 mm, these tines allow EasyFlow to pick up even short and heavy crops without losses.

The integral rotor

  • Standard feature – the cutting system with 26 blades
  • Precision cut – the best quality from controlled cuts
  • So sharp – for superior cutting quality
  • So versatile – 0/ 13/ 13 or 26 blades in work

VariPack Plus integrates two feed rollers into either side of the rotor. This clever design leads to a substantial reduction of moving parts. The cutting system is a standard feature. It stands out for a simple and rugged design to give easy cleaning, service and maintenance and long service life. Apart from that, its controlled cuts lead to an optimum cutting quality.

VariPack Plus integrates two feed rollers into either side of the rotor. This clever design eliminates a second drive. In addition, the helical rotor combines with the W-arrangement of the pick-up tines to feed the material into every corner of the bale chamber – for fi rm edges and higher bale weights.

Integrating the feed rollers in the rotor leads to a very consistent and dependable feed of material from the pickup to the rotor – another boon for the overall crop fl ow and reliable machine performance.

The pick-up and the Integral Rotor are driven by a 1 1/4inch chain. The simple and robust drive uses only few moving parts and makes for easy servicing and reduced wear.

The double tines pull the material in a consistent flow through the blades, preventing any haulm to slip through and leading to higher bale weights, because cut material is baled to higher densities. The helix ensures there is no peak load in the cutting system for smooth operation and quiet running. At the same time, the W-line of tines on the pick-up supplies the material in a consistent flow to the cutting system for an optimum throughput and uniform bale fills.

The cutting system

  • VariPack Plus has the 26-blade cutting system as a standard feature
  • The blade group control operates 0 / 13 / 13 / 26 blades
  • Each group is conveniently selected from the cab

The standard cutting system on a VariPack has 26 blades that can be selected in groups of 0 / 13 / 13 / 26 blades to give cutting lengths of 84 mm or 42 mm for best results in all conditions. A potential blockage is quickly removed simply by dropping the floor. 

The individual blades are operated hydraulically. This ensures accurate control as they move into and out of the crop fl ow and is just another detail to optimize the overall performance of the machine.

The standard cutting system on the KRONE VariPack Plus has 26 blades that can be selected in groups of 0, 13, 13, or 26 blades to give cutting lengths of 84 mm or 42 mm. The change is made fast and simple for easy adjustment to varying conditions. Also, the option of using the same number of blades in two different groups allows you to use sharp blades all day long – also throughout very long working days. Before a group of blades is selected, the selector shaft makes a 360° revolution which removes the debris in this area ensuring continued precision control of each individual blade.

To fit or remove the blades, simply lower the blade cassette. Then release the springs on all blades by operating a single lever. Last, remove the blades conveniently from above.

The bale chamber

  • Effective – four smooth belts form dry crops into high-density bales
  • Fast – baling at a circumferential speed of 130 m/min
  • Clean – actively cleaned belts
  • Exact – baling pressure and soft core are set on the terminal

The VariPack Plus chamber is made up of four endless belts that feature a smooth surface. This design makes VariPack the specialist baler for dry material such as straw, hay and haylage. The belts are constantly cleaned by two rollers so they can reliably keep up their good work. The soft core kit allows you to produce bales for specific applications. 

The VariPack Plus model range is designed to deliver various bale diameters. VariPack V 165 XC Plus produces 0.80-1.65 m diameter bales. VariPack V 190 XC Plus churns out 0.80-1.90 m diameters. This way you can tailor the size of the bales to individual customer applications, for example feeding or drying.

Enter the core density and the density of the inner and outer layers on the operator terminal and the machine produces bales to individual customer requirements and applications. Maximum density, for example, is typically used for long-distance haulage whereas a soft core is preferred in drying applications.

The rolls are spaced in close vicinity so they transfer the drive power reliably to the belts. This in turn makes for reliable bale starts and continued roll in the fi lled chamber.

VariPack has two cleaning rollers that remove debris from the belts and ensure reliable belt drive. One of the two cleaning roller is powered to warrant optimal performance.

The net wrapping system

  • „„Versatile and flexible – applying net and twine
  • „„Straightforward – the net threads easily through the rigid net feeder„„
  • Great visibility – the operator watches the process on the move„„
  • Easy use – net/film feed starts automatically when the chamber is filled

The VariPack Plus twine / net film wrapping system is simple, extremely reliable and easy to operate. The net chute folds out and into position so the roll is easily transferred to the cradle. The rigid net feeder makes for an easy net feed into the chamber. Spare net and twine rolls are stored on the machine to keep going on long working days. 

The cradle lowers for convenient replacement of the net roll. Arranged at a low height, it is readily accessible from one of the two steps.

Net or twine refills are very easy. Simply fold out the chute on the left hand side and slide the fresh roll into the cradle. You no longer lift the heavy roll into the cradle.

There is room to store one roll of net wrap on each side of the machine. This gives you plenty of net supply that keeps you going during long working days.

The rear door

  • Swift – less than 5-second open/close cycles
  • Efficient – hydraulic cylinders with stroke end cushioning
  • Convenient – automatic control of the rear door

Highest densities and outputs are the outstanding landmark features of VariPack. More than that, these models also score on a simple design and exemplary accessibility. This translates into exceptionally easy servicing and lowest maintenance. The hydraulic cylinders that operate the rear door have stroke end cushioning and the rear door is automatically controlled for fast unloading cycles and maximum throughputs. The bale ejector lowers the bales safely and gently to the ground, also on the slope. 

To reduce the time the tractor spends waiting for the bale to leave the chamber, the hydraulic cylinders have stroke end cushioning which allows them to operate the door fast. Minimum downtime translates into maximum throughputs after all. At the same time, end of stroke cushioning slows down the door as it closes and therefore reduces machine wear.

Keeping halts as short as possible is critical for high productivity in round baling. Therefore unloading the bale effectively and fast is the key feature of the bale ejector. At the same time, the ejector is designed to give optimum access to the blades.

The rear door and the net wrapping cycle are controlled automatically so all tying/wrapping is optimized to minimize downtime and maximize throughputs.

VariPack V 165 XC Plus &

VariPack V 190 XC Plus

  • Versatile – two models for two maximum bale Diameters
  • Variable – flexibility to set 0.80-1.65 /1.90 m diameters
  • Convenient – set bale diameters on the terminal

The VariPack range lines up two models – the compact VariPack 165 XC Plus and the large-diameter VariPack 190 XC Plus. The models have different bale chambers but are identical in all other features. 

The V 165 XC Plus is the more compact model of the two. Its chamber is designed to bale 0.80-1.65 m diameter bales.

The chamber on this model produces 0.80 m and 1.90 m bales.

The VariPack Plus bale chamber is formed of four endless belts. Made from rubber with two embedded fabric layers, these belts offer maximum flexibility and strength for maximum lifetime. The grippy material combines with the special surface design of the belts for excellent belt-crop contact and no slip for reliable machine performance.

Tyres and attachment

  • „„Load Sensing – only few hydraulic connections
  • Hitching choices – various attachment options for all conditions
  • Gentle treading – three tyre options for optimal protection of the turf

VariPack is the machine for quick travel between fields, for undulating and boggy terrain and easy shunting in tight space. A wide range of additional options ensure the KRONE VariPack is perfectly geared to deliver in your specific conditions. 

All VariPack Plus models have load sensing as a standard feature which reduces the number of hydraulic lines that need coupling. Load sensing also saves tractor power, because the pump supplies the remotes only on demand.

Three different tyre options are available for VariPack Plus: 500/55-20, 500/60 R 22.5 and 600/50 R 22.5. The air brake is a standard feature.

VariPack Plus has a standard 40 mm hitch ring for bottomor top-mount attachment. The drawbar notches easily to height. In addition, three more hitch options are available to suit various needs in specific countries.

An 80 ball hitch is also available for VariPack Plus for bottom attachment. This warrants smoothest rides, better maneuverability and minimum wear.

The accessories

  • Versatile and flexible – wrapping net and twine
  • Convenient – LED work lights and a CCTV camera system for full control
  • Smart – moisture sensing technology keeps the operator up to date

VariPack Plus is designed for maximum performance and density. A number of options are available that help boost your productivity in special conditions. For example, working lights and cameras ensure you always have a clear view out over the machine and the moisture sensor informs you on the current moisture level of the crop. 

This package adds comfort and includes LED work lights for all service and maintenance points plus reflective strips under the panels and also rear lights. These lights are a boon when changing net rolls and cleaning the machine at night. Also, they improve visibility around the machine as well as general safety in the field.

The moisture sensor sends material data to the cab so you know exactly the quality of the material you are harvesting so spoilage and moulding is no issue.

This dog clutch on the right machine side can cut the powerflow to the intake system which stops rotating so you can finish a bale despite a blockage in the intake system. At the same time, the rotor revolves freely to give ready access to the blades.

A camera monitors the machine assemblies and the immediate surroundings, thereby improving both operator comfort and road safety. The camera feeds are either viewed on a separate screen or on a CCI terminal.


  • Readily accessible – all components are easy to get to
  • Operator comfort – a central lubricator takes care of all grease points
  • Hitching choices – various attachments suit every tractor end

In addition to highest densities and outputs, VariPack also scores on an uncluttered design and exemplary accessibility. All this translates into particularly easy servicing and maintenance. The standard auto lubricator and the automatic chain lubricator minimize the time spent on servicing the machine. 

The two steps on the front give convenient access to the net/twine unit. Swapping net rolls as well as cleaning and servicing is easy and convenient now.

VariPack has an auto lubricator that minimizes servicing and maximizes machine life.

The drive chain is lubricated automatically for quiet running and long service life. The easy-adjust piston pump allows you to apply the proper attention to each chain.

The bearings that are built into VariPack Plus are heavy duty and have special seals which are lubricated automatically for maximum service life.

The operator terminals

  • „„Take your choice – our control units suit your individual Needs
  • „„Convenient – clear and user-friendly interfaces
  • Compatible – the ISOBUS tractor terminal is a standard feature
  • High technology – the baler controls the tractor

The KRONE Comfort electronic system brings fun to the field, making your work a lot easier and faster. ISOBUS compatibility and TIM readiness are standard features on VariPack Plus and offer operators a wide range of opportunities. Choose from various terminals and find the unit that best serves your specific needs. 

The DS 500 terminal has a user-friendly 5.7inch touch screen, 12 keys and a dial on the back. The unit can be used for VariPack but also for all other KRONE machines.

The CCI 800 is the ISOBUS terminal with an 8.0inch touch screen and 12 function keys. It can be extended by a joystick or a camera system for optimum operator comfort. A function is selected by pressing an icon on the left hand side.

Off ering a large 12.1inch colour touch screen, this terminal has two side-by-side views, one view showing the camera feeds and one the individual machine functions. The CCI 1200 is an ISOBUS terminal that is universally compatible with diff erent machines and makes.

You can also use the terminal on your ISOBUS compatible tractor to operate the VariPack. If your tractor has an ISOBUS terminal, you won’t need an extra terminal in the cab..

TIM (Tractor Implement Management) is an option that allows your machine to communicate with the tractor and control it. TIM reduces operator fatigue, downtime, fuel consumption and leads to more uniform bales and boosted productivity.

The Wrap Up – What Next?

If you’ve read this far, it sounds like you are pretty interested in the Krone Varipack. Why not give our knowledgeable team a call? We are the Krone dealer Tasmania wide, so you can deal with someone local.

For interested parties, we may be able to offer a demonstration. Please give us a call to discuss this option further, or fill out the contact details section below:

Devonport: 03 6424 1511 Smithton: 03 6452 1222

Hobart: 03 6263 6377 Launceston: 03 6364 3822

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