Krone Comprima CV150 XC Baler Wrapper Combination


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Comprima CV150 XC

The Krone Comprima CV150XC round baler wrapper combination produces bales from 0.9-1.5m. Equipped with a W-pattern 2.15m wide camless pickup, crop feed roller and belt and slat elevator system, the Krone Comprima is for anyone serious about silage, producing upwards of 60 wrapped bales per hour!

W Pattern Easyflow Pickup

  • Camless pickup allows cleaner gathering, higher productivity, quieter running, and less maintenance.
  • Heavy duty gears and drive chains offer a reliable overload protection giving piece of mind during those sudden impacts.
  • Massive crop flow augers help shift crop from the sides into the bale chamber for uniform bale formation.
  • The crop rollers helps eliminate the risk of pushing up crop in uneven windrows.
  • Tool free adjustable gauge wheels allow you to adjust the height to suit current conditions for a superior ride.
  • Tines on the Easyflow rotor are arranged in a wavy w-pattern at a spacing of 55mm designed for a constant flow of crop.

Feed Rotor

  • Designed to handle massive volumes of crop, the feed rotor maintains a constant flow of material for the perfect bale.
  • Two rows of welded tines arranged in a helical pattern ensures an even crop flow into the baler.
  • With a large rotor diameter of 530mm the feed rotor provides dual purpose of carting the materials while also pre-compressing.

X Feed Rotors

  • XC Balers come standard with 17 knives, that are narrowly spaced at 64mm, providing easy bale breakup and spreading.
  • Features 3 rows of welded tines in a V formation to provide a continuous cut and help spread the material uniformly across the chamber.
  • The 530mm rotors are driven by massive spur gears to handle the highest of loads for reliable performance.
  • Simple and easy to unblock, equipped with drop floor that lowers so the rotor blockage can be cleared thoroughly.


  • All knives are individually protected by a spring mechanism that breaks back when hitting a foreign object, once the object is passed they return to cutting position automatically.
  • Knife removal is simple and time effective with no tools required, just simply remove the knife from the chamber.
  • The knives cut the crop across the entire length of the cutting edge, their wavy edge provides for longevity and clear cuts.
  • You can select specific sets of knives for various cutting lengths without having to remove individual knives for operator convenience. You can select 0,8,9,17 knife cut settings.

Novogrip Belts

  • Metal slats and endless rubber belts form the ideal combination to make the highest density bales no matter the crop or conditions.
  • NovoGrip belts come with 30,000 bale/3 year warranty.
  • The slats mesh around the crop without any slippage to the bale or drive of the belts, to provide a positive feed at all times be it wet silage or dry hay/straw.
  • All NovoGrip belts are tested under extreme resistance with belts only operating under 10% of their resistance tear load.

Variable Chamber & Net

  • Two belt and slat elevators, that wrap the entire bale from the core, provide excellent bale feed and density.
  • With a 3 stage mechanical soft core adjustment standard you can now determine how dense you want your bale core. This allows you to make the core super tight.
  • With a storage capacity of 3 net rolls you can carry enough to go all day long.
  • Equipped with an electric net feed system the net is triggered by an electric motor which actuates a serrated guide plate to feed the net into the bale chamber, the net is always held outside of the chamber when baling.
  • The adjustable net break allows for the tightest of wraps and well shaped bales.


  • With 1¼” strong drive chains that can withstand the highest of loads and spring loaded chain tensioners that reduce maintenance and enhance service life.
  • Features automatic chain lubrication system that minimises maintenance costs and increases effectiveness.
  • The electric pump supplies oil to the chain drives. With grease points located in protected areas, lubrication is more effective and longer lasting.
  • Daily servicing is made easy with consolidated lubrication banks on the baler.

Bale Transfer and Wrapping

  • A chain and slat elevator system transfers the bale from the chamber to the wrapping table, resulting in a positive transfer even in the toughest of conditions.
  • The chain and slate elevators are driven by two hydraulic motors to transfer even the heaviest of bales in the toughest of conditions.
  • The chain and slat wrapping table cradles and rotates the bale for smooth wrapping.
  • Twin wrapping arms allow the bale to be wrapped twice as fast, boosting productivity.
  • The dispensers give 50-70% film stretch and are easily adjusted on spur gears.
  • After wrapping is complete a pull down arm cuts the film and prepares it for the next bale, ensuring trouble free wrapping.
  • Capacity to store 10 film wraps at a time.
  • Extra wheel and rubber mat on the bale turner that effectively protects the paddock and drop down action of the bale turner


  • As of 2016 Krone will now have the option of equipping all Comprima balers, new and old, with film wrap. This enables film to be placed onto the circumference of the bale instead of net when baling silage only.
  • Baler automation stops the tractor and opens and closes the tailgate. Available on selected tractors with TIM systems.
  • Includes hydraulic knife selection. Simply select the full or half number of knives from the tractor and chop the crop to the length required.

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