Kinghitter Series 5 Post Driver


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Series 5 – 180 Degree Rotating Base

The Series 5 is the ultimate post driver for the large scale farmer or Contractor. With its 2.4 meter carriage, 180 degrees of rotation and nylon bushing on all  moving surfaces you can’t look past this.

Features and Benefits of the Series 5 Base

  • Telescopic mast 3.1 to 5.1 meter working height
  • Massive 340 Kg hammer producing over 25,000 Kgs of driving force
  • 6.8 Square meters of working area
  • 2.4 Meter main carriage
  • 200mm back shift
  • Hydraulic slew ring 
  • Two hydraulic legs (standard)
  • Adjustable nylon wear pads
  • 12 Bank Soft touch hydraulic valve

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