The Kinghitter Series 2i 360 & Series 2i 400 are the two rigid mast options in the Series 2i range. These models are optimised for Australian farm fencing and combine Kinghitter’s tried and true postdriver principles & design with the latest hydraulic and safety systems. The heavy duty 150UC rigid masts ensures that these machines will take the punishment of everyday post driving with very little maintenance, for years to come.

As with all Kinghitter machines, an emphasis is put on logical easy-to-use operation. The Hammer lift/lower, Hydraulic Toplink and Base adjustments are all at fingertip control using Kinghitter’s ergonomic valve bank positioning.

Fitted with Kinghitter’s Safety Post Cap, the operator has completely safe directional control of every post. The guard protects the operator from the strike zone of the hammer along its entire stroke to ground. It also secures each post in an upright position while driving, allowing the operator to steer the post using the postdriver controls positioned behind the safety gate.

S2i 360 Standard Specifications 

Mast:3.6m 150UC
Max Post Height:2.7m (8ft 10″)
Toplink:Hydraulic with 20 Degrees Fore/Aft Angle
Sidetilt:Hydraulic With 20 Degrees Left/Right Angle 
Safety Postcap25mm Guarded 
Hammer Weight:230KG (500lb)
LegsAdjustable Height 

S2i 400 Upgrade Specifications 

Mast:4.0m 150UC
Max Post Height:3.1m (10ft 2″)
ValveHi-flow SD11 Valve Bank 
Hammer Weight:250KG (550lb)


Series 2i 360

– 3.6m Rigid Mast 

– 230kg Hammer 

– 5 Bank Hydraulic Valve 

– Auger Kit Ready (2 Spare Valves)

– Available as S2i 400 Upgrade Option 

The Kinghitter Advantage. A user-friendly and logical control bank layout allows fingertip adjustment of all postdriver functions. Positioned on left side of postdriver to minimise distance from tractor cab. 

Series 2i 360 Terminator Combo

– 3.6m Rigid Mast 

– 230Kg Hammer 

– 5 Bank Hydraulic Valve 

– Terminator Base (1 Spare Valve)

The S2i 360 Terminator combo places the S2i Post driver in a side mounted position and will transform the way you construct fences. Simply drive down alongside the fencline and utilise the massive 950mm side shift to slide the postdriver into position. The intergrated counterweight ensures that the machine is kept balanced, even on undulating terrain. 

This setup comes complete with toolbox, wire unraveller mount, hand rammer holder, level holder, spade holder, and tow bar. All pivots are machined bushes and are greasable.

The Terminator sidemount unit can be removed and the post driver mounted directly to the tractor at any time if required. 

– Available as S2i 400 Upgrade Option

The Kinghitter Advantage. The Terminator base provides class-leading reach out the side of the tractor, a game changer when working on technical fencelines. 

Series 2i 360 Skid Steer Combo

S2i 360 Skid Steer Combo utilises utilises the kinghitter skidsteer base to alllow fast and easy fitment of the S2i 360 to any skid steer loader.

Easily dismounted so the post driver can be fitted to a tractor or excavator at any time.

Suits all brands of Skid steer, and allows front window to be opened for easy access.

– Available as S2i 400 Upgrade Option

The Kinghitter Advantage. Kinghitter’s “i” hydraulics system means that the S2i 360 does not require a High-flow dump line or case drain. Simple plug two 1/2″ quick couplers to skidsteer auxilary circuit and you are ready to start fencing. Simple and Smart. 

Accessory Options

Auto-Latch Auger Kit

For hard ground conditions and post types, a pilot hole is recommended to allow easier post driving and prevent damaging the post.

The Auto-Latch Auger System positions a high power 250cc auger motor quickly and accurately to auger a pilot hole beneath the hammer. A hydraulic ram provides downforce and rapid extraction – resulting in a capable and fast drilling auger system. 

Perfect for hard ground conditions such as clay or rock pan. 

The Auger kit is paired with a range of anti-clockwise augers and custom built auger pilots to provide unmatched drilling capabilities. With anticlockwise augers, the torque of the drilling action holds the unit against the mast, rather than pulling away as traditional auger systems do.

Available with earth or rock pilots and in the following sizes:

The Kinghitter Advantage. The Hydraulic downforce ram operates independently from the hammer, which allows the operator to utilise the whole weight of the postdriver as downforce on the auger, not just the hammer weight.