Kinghitter Series 1 Post Drivers


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The Kinghitter Series 1 postdriver design includes many of the innovations that Kinghitter is famous for.

It is a fully hydraulically operated tractor mounted post driver, not just ideal for larger life style blocks, small beef and dairy farm operations, but capable of tackling difficult fence lines with ease. There would be more fences constructed in New Zealand by a Series 1 than any other post banger by far.

The versatile machine that slots seemlessly into the Kinghitter range of postdrivers.  The Series 1 is strong and durable, superior to any other postdriver in the field today. This is a testament to the proven design and simple operation that Kinghitter owners and operators have enjoyed for over 40 years.

S1 400Series 1 400 , 230kg Hammer, 4m 180UB Mast, 3 Bank Valve, Hydraulic Top Link, Hydraulic Angle Adjustment
S1 400 COMBOSeries 1 400 Deluxe Combo, 230kg Hammer, 4m 180UB Mast, 4 Bank Valve Hydraulic Top Link, Hydraulic Angle Adjustment,Terminator Base 950mm Side Shift
S1 430 DAIRY DONGERSeries 1 430 Dairy Donger, 230kg Hammer, 4.3m 180UB Hydraulic Hinge Mast, 5 Bank Valve, Hydraulic Top Link & Angle Adjustment, Terminator Base 950mm Side Shift.

SERIES 1 – 400


The Kinghitter Series 1 would be the most common farmers post driver in the NZ market ever. The original hydraulic post driver that changed the fencing industry. Now over 40 years on it is just as handy as ever, with even smoother operation and more options to upgrade and customise.  

  • The 4 metre 180UB mast is perfectly matched to the 230kg hammer for fast and efficient operation. Suitable for all types of farm fencing including strainers. Up to 3 metres under the post cap.
  • Accurate Hydraulic adjustment top link gives 10 degrees forward and 20 degrees rear movement and Hydraulic side angle adjustment left or right 20 degrees for accurate post placing.
  • Easily centre mounts on standard three-point linkage. Includes plough arm safety bolts so the rammer cannot fall backwards in the event of top link failure.
  • 3 Bank valve standard. External pressure relief valve on the lift ram protects the hydraulic circuit.
  • Easily centre mounts on standard three-point linkage. Other bases are optional and can be added later. An extra valve is recommended, however these can also be bolted on at a later stage.
  • Safety Post-cap is standard. This transfers the driving force where it counts, directly into the post. Also allows the operator to steer the post and keep it straight.
  • Bubble level and multi tool mount included.
  • 60mm main pin is adjustable for wear and has a grease nipples for the pin and the support catch.  
  • Adjustable height feet for extra height under the postcap.



All the features of the series 1-400 postdriver with the addition of the Kinghitter Terminator sidemount base. This Combo is truly versatile with 950mm of sideways travel, the large toolbox, and tool holders for your level, spade, spinning jenny, and hand rammer.

Tow a trailer behind with the tow bar if required. The counterweight on the left side under the toolbox balances out the mast weight so the rig is stable on uneven ground. The base can be removed at any time so the post driver reverts to a rear mount. There may be some situations where the tractor must straddle the guide wire if the bulldozed line is narrow.

  • 4 Metre 180 UB rigid mast
  • 4 bank valve standard
  • Terminator base with hose guide by top link
  • Hoses Loom wrapped so they don’t catch



The Kinghitter Series 1-430 Dairy Donger is a fantastic famer’s post rammer. The 4.3 metre hydraulic hinge mast and 230 kg hammer combined with the Terminator Base create a post driver very capable of tackling any farm fencing job big or small. The compact transport position of the folded mast allows the rammer to easily be kept in a shed with all your tools ready to go. Low transport height is ideal for dairy farms with Irrigation systems and road travel.

  • All the benefits of the Series 1 postdriver plus the following;
  • 4.3 metre 180Ub mast with hydraulic folding mast. The Valve for the hinge on the valve bank has a lock valve so the mast cannot creep open when in use.
  • 5 Bank valve for quick easy adjustments.
  • You will be the envy of your mates with this rig. Once you have used it you will love the versatility!
  • Transport height with the mast folded over is 3.1 metres.
  • Height under the postcap is 3.3 metres.

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