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Kinghitter is the world leader in Postdrivers

Kinghitter post drivers are world leaders in post driver design. Proudly 100% New Zealand made to ensure they are high performance rammers at the highest quality possible. Constant product improvement through research and development is at the heart of what keeps Kinghitter post drivers at the front of the pack.

 The tagline “the heavyweight in postdrivers” is backed by a product range that holds its own against any other post driver manufactured worldwide. The first model of Kinghitter was released for sale on the New Zealand market in 1977, and was soon exported globally. Around 45 years later the range is still trusted by farmers and contractors, and still at the leading edge of both design and manufacturing techniques.


Series 1

The Kinghitter Series 1 postdriver design includes many of the innovations that Kinghitter is famous for.

It is a fully hydraulically operated tractor mounted post driver, not just ideal for larger life style blocks, small beef and dairy farm operations, but capable of tackling difficult fence lines with ease. There would be more fences constructed in New Zealand by a Series 1 than any other post banger by far.

The versatile machine that slots seemlessly into the Kinghitter range of postdrivers.  The Series 1 is strong and durable, superior to any other postdriver in the field today. This is a testament to the proven design and simple operation that Kinghitter owners and operators have enjoyed for over 40 years.

Series 1

Series 2

The Kinghitter Series 2 is an incredibly versatile post driver. This rammer can be adapted to suit any type of soil types or terrain and boasts a list of options Amazon would be proud of! At the heart of the Series 2 is the heavy duty 150UC mast complete with the universal mount at the bottom which allows quick and strong fitting of the Rock Spike Extractor and other options. Choose from the following mast options;

  • S2 400 4.0 metre rigid mast
  • S2 430 4.3 metre rigid mast
  • S2 430 4.3 metre hydraulic hinge mast
  • S2 490 4.9 metre hydraulic hinge mast

So the Series 2 can be a simple rear mounted postdriver for a farmer, right through to a fully optioned professional fencing contractors rig capable of fencing in any conditions across the globe. Check out the full list of options at the bottom of this page under build your own.

Series 2

Series 2i

The Kinghitter Series 2i has been specially designed to be suitable for export to a wide variety of countries worldwide. There are two key differences that separate the S2i with the standard Series 2

1. The interchangeable hydraulics (that is the i designation in the name)
2. And the extra safety features that are specified according to the safety requirements of the destination country.

Series 2i

Series 3

“The Post-Driver Legend Started Here!” The Series 3 Kinghitter, the ‘Postdriver Legend’, is the preferred post driver for Professional Fencing Contractors, Vehicle Marker Post and Containment Post Driving, Vineyards, Orchards or wherever a post needs driving.

The Series 3 Kinghitter displays the excellence in innovative engineering that has made the Kinghitter name a legend worldwide.

Tested in most terrain around the world with exceptional results, the Series 3 Kinghitter is a fully counterbalanced side-mounted machine with adjustable balance feet and connected to the standard three-point linkage. All hydraulic functions are operated through the custom designed soft touch hydraulic valve block. 

Series 3


The Kinghitter ‘Expander’ post driver again displays the patented innovative engineering skills of the Kinghitter Research and Development team. Perfect for Fencing Contractors, Farmers, or where difficult lines of fencing in tough terrain are required to be created or maintained. The Kinghitter ‘Expander’ can tractor mounting on standard three-point linkage, or on the Terminator side mount base, or the Series 5 180 degree rotating base. 

The Kinghitter Telescopic ‘Expander’ Postdriver can fence in all terrains and environments with the capabilities of being able to fence in low wooded tree lines narrow lanes to fabricating High Deer fences and predator exclusion fences. The ‘Expander’ now offers so much more for the fencer.


Series 5

The Series 5 is the ultimate post driver for the large scale farmer or Contractor. With its 2.4 meter carriage, 180 degrees of rotation and nylon bushing on all  moving surfaces you can’t look past this.

Series 5

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