Kanga M Range Rotary Cutter


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Kanga farm equipment M Range Rotary Cutters are medium to heavy-duty implements designed to clear, cut and maintain scrub and regrowth. These robust implements are ideally suited to tractors ranging from 50 to 85hp, providing exceptional power and efficiency for your slashing tasks.

Over the last thirty years, they have been refined based on valuable feedback from customers and dealers across Australia. This extensive refinement process has resulted in an ideal implement for managing bushland, maintaining grass fence lines, creating fire breaks, tending to nature strips and even regional airports.

When it comes to standard inclusions and performance, our M Range Rotary Cutters have few competitors.



4mm, round-back, clean-top deck

  • Round-back design increases maneuverability
  • Clean top reduces the collection of debris and water

Deck side walls are welded and braced for strength when turning

Gearbox mounting plate is welded to the subframe, creating greater structural integrity, in the event of load torque caused by blade impact

Deck is hot-dip galvanized, for superior corrosion resistance and longevity.

Cutter Bar & Blades

Cutter bar

  • Lowered, bolt-together, sandwich design
  • 100mm wide, high-tensile/spring steel
  • Powered by T piece with drive lugs


Countersunk blade bolt design avoids wear and tear. Unfasten the lock nut to replace blades throughout the lifetime of the implement.

Two (2) stepped, suction, heat-treated, spring steel blades pivoting on hardened bushes

Blade bolt inspection cap allows operator to check blades and blade bolts from the top of the implement

Skids & Cutting Height


  • Reversible, removable side skids with tapered leading and trailing edges
  • Braced for strength
  • Positive-locking with individual bolt holes to maintain height
  • Adjustable, four (4) positions (30mm increments)

Cutting height

50, 80, 110 and 140mm cutting heights

3-Point Linkage Information

Category 1 and 2 linkage

Two-plate, double clevis mount designed to absorb lateral load and decrease metal fatigue when turning

Tower chain mounting points are welded to the subframe and braced on the deck. Chain stays allow for tower movement, forward and aft, to maintain an even cut over undulating ground.

Multiple tower positions; in the centre-mounted position the implement is directly behind the tractor. In the offset position, the implement extends out left or right.

PTO & Protection


Series 6 with 200mm (8″) friction clutch

Lever release PTO Shaft Guards facilitate safe engagement of yokes and easy joint maintenance


Front and rear chain curtain is incorporated into the deck for maximum safety, with a wire rope replacement system for easy replacement

Blade exclusion zone for safety to prevent accidental contact with blades

Waterproof manual holder


Size Reference1.5m | 5’0” | 60”1.8m | 6’0” | 72”2.1m | 7’0” | 84”
Tractor Range (hp)50-75 | 42-63 @ PTO60-80 | 50-67 @ PTO70-85 | 58-71 @ PTO
Gearbox75hp, 540rpm, 1:1.93 ratio75hp, 540rpm, 1:1.93 ratio75hp, 540rpm, 1:1.46 ratio
Blade Tip Speed (ft/min)16,40019,56017,370
Overall Width (mm)171020102310
Cutting Width (mm)150018002100
Weight (kg)390490530


  • 360° spinning wheel fork
  • Heavy-duty solid cushion tyre with cast hub assembly
  • Reinforced rectangular tube frame
  • Nyloc lock nut to set pre-load on turn table discs
  • Grease nipples for turn table discs and fork shaft for easy regular maintenance

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