Kanga Landscape Rake


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Farm Implements is a family owned and operated Australian company which manufactures slashers and other implements under the Kanga brand. 

Landscape Rake

The KANGA Landscape Rakes will handle tough clean-up jobs like removing debris, gravel and brush to fine raking jobs such as light-duty lawn care and smoothing an area for planting.

KANGA’s design offers both angle, offset and tilt capabilities to meet specific landscape requirements on uneven or undulating ground. A 360-degree pivot allows the operator to control the flow of material to left, right or centre.


Square 100 x 100mm Box Section main beam provides greater strength

Reinforced angle rear rake section

Braced 12mm turn tables where rake sections joins the tower section

Powder-coated finish

Rake Tines

25 x 6mm high tensile spring steel

30mm spacings between tines

400mm ground clearance

Quick change bolt-in replacement system

Tine stiffeners to provide additional strength

3 way adjustment

Angle adjustment

Angle adjustment controls the rake on the horizontal plane. It controls the lateral movement of material

A clamp shaped locking clamp, geared disc and a ‘wingnut’ result in 28 positions over 360°

Offset adjustment

Offset adjustment controls the position of the blade section and cutting edge in relation to the middle point of the tractor. It is used to move the rake out to the sides left and right of centre.

A locking bar and a series of holes down each side on the main frame result in 6 offset positions – 3 left and 3 right

This adjustment is great for those hard-to-reach places and when the tractor cannot quite get close enough or the operator does not want to

Tilt adjustment

Tilt adjustment controls the rakes on the vertical plane. It is used for uneven ground

There a multiple lower linkage pin mounting holes. By using different holes on each side, you make one side of the rake higher or lower than the other

3PL Information

Centre mounted tower position

Front parking stand to make connecting to the tractor easier

Category 1 double clevis linkage/mounting


Size reference1.5m | 5’0” | 60”2.1m | 7’0” | 84”
Tractor range (hp)15 – 5030 – 50
Overall width (mm)15002100
No. of blades3042
Weight (kg)136160

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