Kanga Hay & Silage Spikes & Forks


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Farm Implements is a family owned and operated Australian company which manufactures slashers and other implements under the Kanga brand. 

Bale Spike

The KANGA Bale Spike has been designed for farmers, with small to medium horsepower tractors, who are looking for an affordable option to move round hay bales, one at a time.


DescriptionBale Spike
Weight (kg)60

Silage Fork

The KANGA Silage Fork has been designed to enable farmers to move a single bale of silage.

The implement is a rigid, fully welded and reinforced design with two (2) Conus II bushings welded into the frame.


DescriptionSilage Fork
Weight (kg)87

Adjustable Round Bale Feed Out Fork

The KANGA Adjustable Round Bale Feed Out Fork has been designed to enable farmers to move and feed out different sized round hay bales.

The pins that secure the bale in place have been specifically designed to lock over the tines, which means the pins do not come loose when the operator is feeding out.

To feed out:

  • position the bale opposite to how it was baled
  • lower the linkage so the bale is on the ground
  • drive the tractor slowly forward so the bale unrolls.


DescriptionAdjustable Round Bale Feedout Fork
Weight (kg)96

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