Kanga Box Scraper


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Box Scraper

KANGA Box Scrapers are ideal for ripping, levelling, finish grading, backfilling and general scraping and cleaning.

The box design holds a larger volume of material, compared to a traditional grader blade, providing the operator with more control moving material over distances.

The tines on the front of the box scraper are fully adjustable, either individually or as a set, to enable scarifying or soil ripping.


Welded rigid box design

  • Braced left to right with box section
  • Braced front to back with flat bar
  • Side walls and rear blade reinforced with a gusset in the corners

Folded and formed rear board increases strength and carrying capacity

Grading & Ripping


The cutting edges are:

  • Heat-treated, through-hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel
  • Hardness ratings between 450-510
  • Centre-line drilled, making them reversible

The two (2) cutting edges are bolted to the main frame

  • One is forward facing and the other is rear facing which means the implement can be used to push or pull
  • When pulling (travelling forward) the back of the rear edge smooths and levels


The front tines are high tensile steel and individually height adjustable

Tines should only be used to crack the surface crust. Once you have loosened the ground, the tines should be raised to the highest setting or removed

Tip of the tine has a high tensile point

The point is replaceable with a knock-on/knock-off design

3PL information

Centre mounted tower position

Deep, heavy-duty tower

Double clevis, category 1 linkage/mounting


Size reference1.2m | 4’0”1.8m | 6’0”2.4m | 8’0”
Tractor range (hp)15 – 3025 – 4035 – 50
No. of tines468
Mouldboard430 x 5mm430 x 5mm430 x 5mm
Overall width (mm)123018302440
Weight (kg)150205290

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