Hustler Swiftblade Manure Scrapers


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Clean up the muck and manure on your feedpad or dairy shed in minutes, without braking your back with our simple, practical SwiftBlade.

4 Reasons to Choose SwiftBlade

  • Our 40mm Highly Abrasion resistant SBR Rubber blade makes light work of scraping out feedpads or dairy sheds. Simply connect and go, saving you time and hassle.
  • In one thorough pass, the Hustler SwiftBlade makes it quick and easy to maintain a clean healthy environment for your herd increasing herd health and production.
  • By sweeping up manure quickly and easily you can unlock the fertiliser value of your manure. Watch your feed grow from immediate utilisation of this free resource.
  • SwiftBlade is an ultra practical manure scraper without unnecessary bells n whistles to keep hassle out of your life. The parking feet which comes standard allow for fast and easy hooking and unhooking and prevents damage to the blade when not in use.

Features and Benefits

Support Foot

  • Heavy Duty Extendable Support feet come standard for parking and easy hitching on and off. This prevents damage while not in use increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

Heavy Duty Blade

  • The SwiftBlade’s tough 40mm thick blade is built from high tensile SBR Rubber giving it excellent abrasion and impact resistance for it to handle the knocks and give you a clean sweep.

Blade Height Adjustment

  • Blade height adjustment to suit any size tractor and a wide variation of operations.

Slim Profile

  • The Slim Profile of the blade and headstock keeps weight near the tractor increasing control and maneuverability in tight feed pad and dairy shed applications.

Double Sided

  • Easily flip the rubber over for use of other side, increasing working lifespan and getting more out of your investment.


Unit Weight205kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)2600mm x 845mm x 486mm
Blade40mm High Tensile SBR Rubber
Hydraulic RequiredN/A

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