Fmr Ero Grapeline Harvester


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German-engineered, the ERO Grapeliner Harvesters are among the finest quality in the world – speed between vineyards, ultra-premium performance, ease and comfort of use, durability and many other features made the ERO Grapeliner 6000 a market leader.

The new 5000 and 7000 Series offer improvements on many of these features while giving our customers more flexibility in terms of options and investment, ensuring that the benefits of the ERO Grapeliner are accessible to a wider range of Australasian growers.


Using German-engineered vineyard harvesting innovation, ERO Grapeliner 5000 Harvesters imported by FMR Group are customised to suit Australia’s specific conditions and the needs of local vineyard owners.

Check out the below video to see the harvester in action and read on for a breakdown of the machines features and image gallery.

Famed for their user-friendliness in a wide variety of settings, our clients choose ERO Harvesters for their speed between vineyards, ultra-premium performance, ease and comfort of use, durability and many other features that make it a market leader.

ERO Harvesters –  the benefits

  •  results just like a hand picked harvest
  • ergonomic, comfortable and spacious cabin
  • shorter cleaning time and fewer parts to wear out
  • more driving comfort with 20/25km/h road speed & automatic steering

It is the first harvester worldwide to combine an unloading conveyor with a de-stemming system and a sorting table!

Optional Destemmer

Cross conveyor belt ensures only clean picked grapes reach the harvest bin

Automatic steering in the row

Spacious comfort cabin with panoramic view, glass floor, air-con, heating and radio/CD.

Ergonomic joystick controller and 10.4″ touchscreen

Optional discharge with 1,500ltr storage bin

Economical, electronically controlled 6 cyl engine with up to 200HP

40 KM/H road speed

Single side conveyor utilizing crossflow fan system for leave removal

Side tiping bin grape bin with capacity from 2,00ltr to 3,000ltr

Hydraulically adjustable pinch and three-stage adjustment of bearer amplitude

Automatic central lubing system

Want to know more? Give our viticulture specialists a call to find out how the GrapeLine Harvester series can improve your operation.

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