Burder Forklift


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Burder builds 2 stage and 3 stage mast forklifts. The 2 stage mast is suitable for users with low height requirements. The 3 stage mast is the most common build for forklifts and is suitable for users who require more lift height than the 2 stage mast forklift.

Optional upgrades are available for Burder forklifts:

  • Fixed high back frame
  • Bolt on high back frame
  • Tine retainers (Anti Flip-Up)
  • Hydraulic soft ride (included in 4.2m units)
  • Quick detach hook for subframe
  • Plumbed to tractor remotes or valve
  • Side shift
  • Tractor mounted sub frame
  • Linkage mounted including tilt ram
  • Quick change attachments
  • Quick couplers on side shift
  • 3rd & 4th electric functions available
  • Anti drop valve
  • Quick change bucket
  • Bin tipper
  • Square bale fork
  • Round bale fork

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